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What is Lost and found? Process of processing L&F items for housekeeping

Lost and found is the term most commonly used in tourism, hospitality and aviation. The processing of lost and found items must follow the specified procedure. So what is lost and found? How to process hotel furniture for hotel housekeeping? The notes when dealing with L&F items at hotel

What is Lost and found?

What is Lost and found? Lost and found is the term used to describe lost, misplaced, forget and found, discovered by employees (found meaning found, discovered). In hotels, lost and found are used to indicate lost items of guests at the hotel and found by hotel staff.

Lost and found are situations that often occur in hotels. Each hotel has clear rules when dealing with this issue. The processing process offered at each hotel is different. However, in general, the process is strictly ensured, consistent with the size of the hotel so as not to affecting its brand.

Lost and found là gì? L&F khách sạn là gì?
What is Lost and found? What is L&F hotel?

Process of handling lost and found items for housekeeping hotel

Forget furniture in the room is most often happening to customers. Therefore, housekeeping staff are the ones who often find lost and most found items. So what is the process for handling lost and found items?

When cleaning the room, check the living room to leave, if detected guests forget, housekeeping must immediately contact the department to inform. This applies even when the value of the guest item forgets small or large.

The department after receiving the information will contact the reception to check whether the guest left the item still at the hotel.

  • If the guest is still in the hotel, the receptionist is responsible for verifying with the guests about the forgotten item. If it the right item of the guest, the staff will bring the item directly to the guest.
  • If the guest has left the hotel, lost and found items will be taken to the right place. This could be the reception area, the room area, the storage area … depending on the hotel. Customer service department or hotel reception will contact the customer via email to redefine the client and the unified method. If guest request returned, the shipping fee will be paid 100% by the guests.

If cannot contact to the guest, L&F item will be kept at the hotel for a certain period of time. Usually from 3-6 months, depending on the hotel. After that time, the handling of these items will be entirely decided by the hotel.

Mọi đồ L&F trong khách sạn đều phải có số, phiếu tên đầy đủ
Every L&F in the hotel must have a full name and number

Record of lost & found information

It is important to specify misinformation about the lost items to pay the correct items. Therefore, when receiving lost and found items, the hotel staff must specify the information of the item on the lost and found chart. Such information includes:

  • Item number
  • Time found (hours, days, months, years)
  • Location found (in room, toilet, spa room, gym, restaurant …)
  • Time to hand over the office / time to issue votes
  • Description of found objects: name, color, firm, characteristics, …
  • The discoverer
  • Voter (with full name and signature)

All lost and found items are recorded with coupons, order numbers and stored in the warehouse, in order. When retrieving items for guests, must specify and sign the lost and found books.

Dù đồ lost & found có giá trị cao hay giá trị thấp, housekeeping đều phải làm đúng quy trình
​​Whether lost & found items have high values ​​or low values, housekeeping must do the right process

The notes when dealing with L&F hotels

High-value lost and found items: cameras, jewelry, watches, cash, cameras, etc. must be sealed and stored in security places: safes, hotel cabinets . When taken in, take out the witness of the responsible and clearly recorded.

When lost and found items are credit cards, must be preserved and sealed within 24 hours before notifying the card supplier.

Lost and found items are canned, drinks with a shorter stay at the hotel. Usually only 3 days if the unopened item is open. Items lost and found are vegetables only kept for 1 day.

Lost and found processing is an important part of SOPs in hotel operations. Mastering these processes helps hotel staff quickly take the right measures when encountering unexpected situations. From there, completing the job quickly and better.

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