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What is Michelin stars? Learn about Michelin star rating restaurants

Michelin stars in the restaurant are an extremely prestigious symbol, likened to the Oscar in the field of hotel and restaurant. Spending and keeping the Michelin star icon is the goal for every restaurant, chef. So what is Michelin star? What is the process to rank the Michelin in the restaurants? What does the Michelin star rating mean in a restaurant?

What is Michelin stars?

What is Michelin stars? Michelin stars are a symbol to evaluate the quality of restaurants. This is an annual event, including the donation of a Michelin star symbol and a stripping of stars of restaurants that do not perform well. The restaurants that receive Michelin stars annually will be listed in The Michelin Guide. This is the world’s leading book about cuisine with a history of over a century (since 1900).

The restaurants that are honored to receive Michelin star icons in addition to their affirmation of service quality are also opportunities to develop their reputation. By evaluating and giving Michelin stars made by the world’s top culinary experts. When honored with a Michelin star, guests may have to take months to book in advance if they want to enjoy the food at this restaurant.

Sao Michelin là gì?
What is Michelin stars?

How Michelin Stars Are Awarded to Restaurants

Like the hotel star rating, Michelin star rating restaurants also have clear hierarchies.

The Michelin Guide divides the evaluation of Michelin stars into 3 levels: 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars. The higher the number of stars, the better the restaurant is rated.

According to The Michelin Guide:

  • 1 Michelin-starred restaurant is a very good quality restaurant compared to the common ground
  • The 2-star Michelin-rated restaurant has excellent food and service quality
  • The 3-star Michelin restaurant not only has perfect food, excellent service but also a special style. 3 Michelin stars are considered to have reached the culmination of cuisine.

How does the Michelin star rating process work?

The quality assessment of restaurants is not conducted publicly. Instead, The Michelin Guide’s culinary experts will silently enter restaurants to enjoy dishes like ordinary diners. The time to conduct this “trial” is not fixed. Maybe at any time during the year; maybe once or many times …

The Michelin Guide experts are those with strong sensitive to tastes, the world’s top culinary experts. For the most fair and objective assessment, the work of these experts will be kept confidential, even with their family members.

The evaluation of the experts not only includes the taste of the dishes but also in the service attitude, price, … are commensurate with the restaurant or not. The careful evaluation of the experience, the feeling of the restaurant experts will be discussed and selected the most deserving restaurants.

Because of this objective and fair evaluation, the Michelin star restaurant logo is always recognized by customers and experts all over the world.

Cấp độ xếp hạng sao Michelin là gì?
What is the Michelin star rating level?

What are the criteria for evaluating restaurants with Michelin stars?

To avoid restaurants chasing Michelin stars mechanically, the criteria for evaluating Michelin stars are still a secret to date. Scores, points, to judge the  restaurants have never been publicized or mentioned in The Michelin Guide. Even culinary experts working for The Michelin Guide are always people who work silently. Because so far, there has not been any identity published.

However, based on the history of Michelin-starred restaurants for several decades in a row, it is recognized that the Michelin star rating standards for restaurants are based on many factors:

Standard Michelin star rating: cooking ingredients

Cooking ingredients are considered the first standard to evaluate Michelin stars. In order to “mount” Michelin stars, restaurants must use fresh and clean cooking ingredients. Restaurants that use long-term frozen ingredients, canned food will not be accepted.

Michelin star rating criteria: the quality of the dish

In order to be honored with Michelin stars, dishes in restaurants must ensure:

  • Has perfect taste
  • Be presented, eye-catching decoration
  • There is unique, different from other restaurants. In other words, must bring the restaurant’s own taste.

Evaluating the quality of food in a restaurant for Michelin stars is not only applicable to 1 dish. Instead, there needs to be a balanced harmony in the entire menu of the restaurant . Therefore, in order to be able to star, restaurants cannot just focus on one dish, but also have to balance the entire menu.

Lễ trao tặng sao Michelin
Michelin star award ceremony

Quality of service standards of restaurants

Besides the taste of food, quality of service, price, … is also an important standard to evaluate Michelin stars. In particular, can be mentioned: style of restaurant decoration; service attitude of employees ; restaurant space; …

Service quality standards when evaluating Michelin stars do not require absolute superiority. Because there are restaurants with small cafes, street food has been honored by The Michelin Guide. Typically, Raan Jay Fai restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

It can be said that, from the evaluation standards that require luxury, high level, Currently, The Michelin Guide is aiming for a simple, unique style. Because cuisine is without clear boundaries. The Michelin Guide is aiming for many different styles and culinary styles, both high-end and popular.

Michelin stars awarded to restaurants will be stripped if the restaurant has poor performance. Specifically, if you do not meet the standards set by The Michelin Guide, the restaurant will be starred by The Michelin Guide. One of the world’s most famous deprivation cases is Gordon Ramsay’s toast restaurant in London.

Although it still makes many people around the world unhappy with the lack of publicity, transparency in the assessment, the evaluation and donation of Michelin stars to restaurants is still a target of many restaurants. This is one of the bases that many people pursue when enjoying the cuisine in the world.

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