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What is mocktail? 4 things to know about mocktail

Mocktail is one of the familiar and indispensable drinks in bars, pubs and clubs. Currently, this drink is apprearing more and more in tea shops and cafés. So what is mocktail? What is the origin of mocktail? How to prepare simple mocktail and what is the main ingredient in mocktail?

What is mocktail?

Mocktail is a drink dissolved by the mixture of 2 main ingredients are colorings and odorants: juice, soft drinks, milk, syrup, eggs, ice, coffee, carbonated water, … The main ingredient is the biggest point to classify mocktail with cocktails. Because if mocktail only has a colorant and an odorant, then the cocktail has the added ingredient of background wine – a component of the flavor of cocktails.

Due to the absence of alcoholic ingredients, mocktail is intended for a wider range of subjects and ages. In particular, women, children and the elderly, who like sweets are very fond of this drink.

Previously, mocktail was only present at bars, pubs or clubs. But now, this delicious drink has covered in many other places: cafes, tea shops, … The mocktail flavors also become more creative and unique.

Mocktail là gì?
What is mocktail?

What is the origin of Mocktail?

There are a lot of people think that mocktail cocktail is similar to cocktails , another name for cocktails. However, the truth is not so!

The name mocktail comes from Motorist cocktail – a drink for drivers, the non-alcoholic drinks, safe for traffic.

This drink originated in the early 20th century in the United States when the ban on alcohol was issued in this country. Mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink but has unique taste and color, eye-catching; can inspire as much as other alcoholic drinks.

What is the main ingredient of mocktail?

As mentioned above, the main ingredient of mocktail consists of two types of colorings and odorants.

  • Colorings: fruit juice, coffee, carbonated water, …
  • Odor: fresh water, fruit, custard, syrup, …

With such simple ingredients, mocktail often has a delicious taste, interesting sweet and sour; suitable for all ages, subjects.

Thành phần chính của mocktail là hoa quả, siro, đường, nước ngọt, ...
The main ingredient of mocktail is fruit, syrup, sugar, fresh water, …

Classification of mocktail

Mocktail has been developing for a long time since the beginning of the 20th century. However, all mocktail flavors can basically be divided into two types of mocktail using before and after meals.

Mocktail used before meals: type of mocktail used before meals usually has a slightly sour taste, made up of the main ingredients are fruits: tomatoes, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, … The sourness in these mocktail dishes can stimulate taste, help the meal more delicious.

Mocktail used after meals: Mocktail used after meals often have a mild sweet taste with the main ingredients are ice cream, milk, pineapple, …. These mocktail dishes as a dessert dish help prolong the aftertaste of meals and stimulate digestion.

How to make delicious mocktail?

Experts said that when enjoying mocktail, people use 2 main senses that are nose and eyes. Therefore, the two most important criteria when evaluating a glass of mocktail are eye-catching colors and attractive scents.

Pha chế mocktail có thể xay, lắc, khuấy hay trộn đều được
Mocktail can be grinded, shaked, stired or mixed  

When mixing mocktail, we need to pay attention to the following issues:

Dispensing mocktail also resembles cocktails, can use all four methods are shake, stir, blend or build. However, can not shake when ingredients have carbonated drinks: coca, pepsi, soda, … to avoid causing an explosion.

Sour fruits: orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, … are not combined with milk because it is easy to cause precipitation, abdominal pain, digestive disorders.

Follow the rules when mixing. The different ingredients should not be combined: unmixed syrup with guava water; Tomatoes, carrots because they have a strong, easy to replace the taste and smells of other ingredients; …

Seasonal fruits have a stronger flavor than out of season fruits. If yogurt is used, choose pure sugar-free yogurt to avoid mixing mocktail taste.

Because of the delicious taste and “safe” ingredients, mocktail is increasingly popular in restaurants, hotels, parties, bars and clubs. Learning about this drink helps us have new insights and knowledge. If you intend to become a bartender, this will be extremely useful knowledge for you!

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