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What is Order taker? The job of hotel order taker

Tourism hotel industry is now the workplace of many candidates towards many positions: reception, cashier, laundry… and order taker. So what is Order taker? Is the order is the assistant of the room? What does the job description of the hotel order taker include? The salary of order taker currently?

What is Order taker?

What is Order taker? Order taker (OT for short) is the term used to indicate the location of receiving information of hotel departments: F&B order taker, Housekeeping order taker, … The main task of the taker is to receive and process information, calls to the department.

Order takers works most in the room block. In this department, order taker has quite a lot of  English name: Housekeeping Order taker, Order Service Taker, Laundry Order Taker … can also be called as room secretary, assistant room, coordinator, department coordination, …

The coordinating staff of the hotel has the main job of receiving calls to the block of rooms; schedule work for room staff; manage lost and found items of guests; manage key for departments, …

Order taker là gì?
What is Order taker?

What is order taker’s work? The job description of the hotel room assistant

The work of the room secretary staff includes a lot of small parts. However, they can be divided into 2 main divisions: receiving, processing information and monitoring.

The work of the order taker: receiving and processing information

Get all phone calls, emails to the department. Record that information and send it on to the people involved.

Get information from other departments to the department. Mainly the reception department. In particular, the most important information: visitor information, arrival and departure dates, guest notes, …

Notify the information received from the receptionist to the responsible staff in their department. Remind them to complete the job on time, get ready when the guests arrive.

Notice the information recorded by the department staff to the receptionist. Since then, the receptionists have measures to handle reasonable situations. For example: employee order taker housekeeping informs the receptionist to check the status of the guest room before the guest check-out , the charged services that guests have used in the room (laundry, minibar …)

Công việc của thu kí buồng phòng chủ yếu là tiếp nhận và xử lý thông tin
The work of the order taker is mainly to receive and process information

The work of the chamber secretary: checking, monitoring activities, work in the department

Check and monitor the status of using equipment in the room ; the expiry of food, drinks placed in refrigerators, mini bars. Maintenance, renewal when broken, expired. Mini items with a term of 6 months must be replaced 1 month in advance, 12 months must be replaced 2 months before the expiry date.

Make a record, record the tools borrowed from the room department . Coordinate with relevant departments to provide additional items for guests when they require.

Report to the relevant department when found that the equipment is damaged or a lack of room supplies. Submit a repair request to the technical department.

Check the items and laundry coupons. Make sure to return the laundry properly and sufficiently to the customer.

Manage, keep guest rooms’ keys (to clean rooms), lock staff rooms and lock other areas within their responsibility.

Schedule work for department staff, assigning tasks to employees appropriately. (This job is in charge by supervisor or order taker , depending on the hotel).

Join the department’s meeting, the hotel. At the same time, attend all training sessions, additional training of the department.

Salary of order taker in the hotel

Salary of order taker employees in the hotel currently ranges from 4-8 million / month. Depending on ability and work experience, candidates will receive different fix salary. If employees work at a hotel for a long time, the order taker staff can get higher salary. In addition, there is also a difference in salary rates between each scale of hotels.

In addition to fix salary, hotel room secretary can receive other surcharges: service charge, bonus, …

In order to become an order taker in the hotel, you need to have the skills: communication, foreign language, proficiency in office information tools, ability to manage, arrange work, … Therefore, In addition to studying degrees and certificates, cultivate these skills to be most confident in your hotel order taker interview!

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