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What is outsource? Should use outsource in hotel business

In hotel business, not all hotels can self-finance all their services. Instead, the hotel will hire some outside services. This is the outsource. So what is outsource? What is the reason why hotels use outsource? Learn the benefits and limitations when using outsource.

What is outsource? What is outsourcing?

What is outsource? Outsource or outsourcing is the term used to mean hire some outside services. In the hotel industry, outsourcing is very popular. Services: security, laundry, information technology, maintenance, etc. are the most commonly outsourced services in hotels.

Not only small-scale hotels use outsource. There are many large hotels that also use outsourced services. Because this helps investors save costs; At the same time, it is possible to cooperate with more professional enterprises. However, the use of outsourcing is also likely to face many risks. Therefore, the key departments and employees in the hotel are rarely outsourced.

Outsource là gì? Outsourcing là gì?
What is outsource? What is outsourcing?

Benefits of outsource in hotels

Outsource helps hotel owners save investment costs

When cutting staff structure from outsource services, hotels can save a lot of costs: salary, insurance, allowances, … and many other regimes for official employees.

Paying for outsourced services is also less expensive. Because the hotel does not have to invest in infrastructure and space for that department. Suppose if the hotel uses laundry service from outside, the hotel has saved the cost of Laundry employees, saving investment capital to buy washing machines, dryers, laundry room space, …

Outsourcing diversify services in the hotel

Using outsource, the hotel will not need to invest too much, too costly, but can still provide customers with all the necessary services. In particular, if choosing reputable partners, all outsourced services will be consistent and complete. The hotel will receive profits from all services while investing only a few basic services.

Benefits of outsource: help manage hotels effectively

Hire professional companies to perform some services in hotels, investors can manage time and labor more effectively. When not spending a lot of time managing personnel, they can invest in improving hotel quality.

Giặt là là dịch vụ thường xuyên được thuê ngoài trong khách sạn
Laundry is a regular service outsourced in the hotel

What are the risks when hotels use outsource?

The benefits from outsourcing is large, when using outsource, hotels still face many risks. These include: poor service quality, difficulty in management, internal disunity, …

Outsource is difficult to control service quality

Not every business provides outsource that ensuring quality assurance. If these services do not meet the standard or the quality is not stable, it is easy to lower the service level of the hotel.

Employees who do not belong to the official structure of the hotel are not well trained in service skills and customer care. Therefore, it is easy to make customers unhappy.

Difficult to control employees “outside the structure”

Employees of service units do not have loyalty to the hotel. They are the non permanent human resources department at the hotel, so they often work without enthusiasm. They are ready to conflict with hotel staff, even with customers when conflicts occur.

Using the outsourcing too much makes it difficult for employees between the two parties to build familiarity and attention when working. At the same time, causing disunity, affecting the working spirit of employees.

The hotel is not a direct payer of outsource employees. At the same time, there is no right to control them. On the other hand, employees from outsource also do not have the opportunity to advance at the hotel. Therefore, the working attitude may not be equal to the official hotel staff.

What to do to make the hotel effectively utilize outsource

Although adventurous, risky, challenging. But the benefits that outsource brings do not make hotels “fear”. So how to effectively utilize outsourcing?

Seek out reputable outsiders and service quality commensurate with the level of the hotel. Ensuring “outside of the structure” staff must always meet the quality standards of the hotel.

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