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What is Pancake? Pancake in the culinary culture of some countries in the world

Pancake is a kind of cake with a very simple processing method, a cake that is available in many countries around the world. This is a breakfast, dessert, snack, … popular among many people. So what’s the pancake?Where did Pancake come from? What pancake is in Chinese, Korean, Japanese culinary culture …

What is Pancake?

What is Pancake? Pancake is just like its name – it is baked or fried in a pan.This type of bread has a variety of variations. Because both sweet, face, fruit or meat, sausage, eggs, milk … can made this kind of cake. Therefore, this is one of the popular and popular cakes.

Pancake là gì?
What is Pancake?

The origin of pancake

Due to the simple nature of materials, the process, almost every country has the appearance of a pancake with different names. Pancake has also become unique in the culinary culture that represents the traditional characteristics of each country. However, quite a few pancakes in European countries have originated in France.

The pancake in France also has another name is pancakes or crepes. Because of its simplicity and convenience in processing, this type of cake is quickly loved by many people and gradually popular in many countries.

The story of pancake origins in France: There was a young waiter who served a dessert cake for Prince Wales who accidentally burned a cake. However, after chopping to try the burnt cake, the waiter confidently found that this burnt dessert cake was good enough to please the prince. Pancake was born from here. After expanding all over France, pancakes are also popular in neighboring countries: Belgium, Switzerland, England, …

Bánh crepe có nguồn gốc từ Pháp
Crepe originated from France

Raw materials for making pancake

Ingredients for pancake making are quite simple and popular. Usually, pancake consists of two parts, crust and filling.

  • The crust is the main ingredient of flour, baking powder is mixed well with oil, sugar, eggs, milk, …
  • The pancake filling ingredients are extremely diverse. From different kinds of pastries: sugar, walnuts, red beans, green beans, fruits, … to salty individuals from meat, sausage, eggs, onions, seafood, vegetables, …

Non-filling cakes are usually made from a mixture of flour, butter, milk and eggs.

Pancake được ăn kèm với mật ong, siro, sữa, trà, cafe, ...
Pancake is served with honey, syrup, milk, tea, coffee, …

Enjoy pancake

Pancake is extremely diverse. Therefore, the way to enjoy them is equally rich. However, the most common ways to enjoy it are with honey, fruit jam, sugar, fresh fruit, etc. for cakes; dots with chili sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce … when eating salty pancakes.

This is a type of cake that can be used for breakfast, afternoon tea, lining and even dessert. Therefore, the drink follow the pancake can be soy, milk, coffee, fruit juice, tea, honey and even mild fruit wines (cider). Depending on the culture, the preferences of each person to choose a suitable drink.

Pancake in the culinary culture of some countries

Pancake in China

In China, pancakes are the type of onion cake or “cong you bing” or Scallion. The main ingredient of this pancake dish is wheat flour and chopped green onion. When eating onions, Chinese people often dot with soy sauce. Depending on the taste, there is more meat or not.

Bánh hành được coi là pancake của Trung Quốc
Onions cake is considered Chinese pancakes

Dorayaki cakes and Okonomiyaki in Japan

In Japan, there are 2 types of pancakes, Dorayaki and Okonomiyaki. Dorayaki cake is red bean paste or Doreamon donut. Okonomiyaki is a salty cake with ingredients including: flour, eggs, vegetables and some kinds of seafood: shrimp, tuna, octopus, … served with mayonnaise.

Bánh dorayaki của Nhật
Japanese dorayaki cake

Hotteok in Korea

In Korea, hotteok is considered the pancake of this country. Korean people enjoy hotteok as a snack. This cake has the main ingredient is fermented flour with red sugar, cinnamon and walnuts. Korean pancake in winter is the right style and most popular.

Bánh Hoteok được coi là pancake Hàn Quốc
Hoteok is considered Korean pancake

Bristish Pancake

Pancake in England has a very thin appearance with main ingredients are eggs, milk and flour. A traditional British pancake will be served with lemon juice and sugar. Like the pancake style in North America and some other European countries, the British also have pancakes with their favorite kind and use them as the main course for meals.

Pancake kiểu Anh rất mỏng, được ăn kèm với nước cốt chanh
Very thin British Pancake, served with lemon juice

Pancake in Australia and Canada style

In Australia and Canada, people eat pancakes with butter and milk and this is the main course of their breakfast. With this pancake, you only need to mix the flour with eggs, milk, butter and sugar and mix until the cotton mixture is up and fry.

Bánh pancake kiểu Úc
Australian Pancake style

What is crepe?

Crepe is a unique name for pancakes in France. In its hometown, pancake is extremely diverse. From sweet crepe to fruit, honey to salty crepes with bacon and omelette. French crepe is one of the most beloved food lovers in the world.

Bánh pancake kiểu Pháp
French pancake

Each pancake in every country has its own unique and attractive taste. Enjoying these kinds of cakes is the passion and interest of many tourists and other travelers. You can set pancake around the world on your breakfast menu, afternoon tea, even the main dish in your restaurant or hotel. Hotel menu will become much more diverse and unique!

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