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What is plastic resin? The set in hotel room by resin

What is plastic resin? Should I use a set in my hotel room by resin? Address provides hotel suite by plasic resin with reasonable price

Suits in hotel rooms by resin is the perfect product that many hotels as well as tourists love by luxurious design, subtle color, attractive. Not only the effect of simple furniture, resin suite furniture is also a product that decorates the bedroom space more luxurious and more modern. However, due to the high cost, these clothes are not widely used in Vietnam, only 4-5 star hotels use this product.

Chất liệu nhựa resin là gì? Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin
What is plastic resin? Hotel set by resin

What is resin?

Polyester resin is a polyester in the form of liquid, viscous, light (transparent) color, with a characteristic odor. This material is formed by the reaction of organic acid and polyhydric alcohol and it does not contain detergent, as well as thixotropy or promoters so freezing time is quite long.

Polyester resin is one of the important industrial chemicals commonly used to make plastics for industrial use as well as in everyday life. Resin is the main material for the bonding of composite plastic products, in combination with reinforced materials such as: glass fiber, carbon fiber, stone powder, metal powder, ceramic powder … to create the  impressive and eye-catching design for the set in hotel room.

Những bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin đẳng cấp
The hotel set by resin

Hotel set by resin   

With the ability to “transform” wonderful, resin material contributes to the creation of the hotel room and the most fashionable. Any detail in the suit also makes the viewer admire their flawlessness. If you just look, surely you can not distinguish the product is made of resin or high quality glass or stone.

Design is quite simple but the set in the bathroom resin material is still have the luxury and modern thanks to the excellent color reproduction of resin. The fake stone lines or the design of glass, crystal design is sophisticated, the smooth surface and extremely glossy makes customers feel they are using high quality stone products.

Chất liệu resin có khả năng tạo hình hoàn hảo
Resin material is able to form perfectly

With the excellent molding ability, the owners can completely design their own designs or details, bearing the hallmark of the hotel, such as: logo, brand image, name hotel, … so that the product looks more attractive, grapping the attention of customers.

Depending on the needs of the hotel room, the investors can select the necessary details for the set, which may include:  liquid container  , vase,  paper box , soap tray , toothbrush case … In addition, investors can choose a variety of different color designs for the suit in the hotel room, how to make them look aesthetic and harmonious with most hotel room rooms.

Bộ đồ trong phòng khách sạn bằng resin có thể đổ nhiều màu bắt mắt
The hotel room with resin set can pour in many eye-catching colors


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