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What is POS? What is POS machine? Instructions for using POS machines for payment

Currently, when paying at stores, the use of bank cards, credit cards instead of cash is extremely popular. To conduct card payments, POS and pp machines are very necessary. So what is POS? What is POS machine?Instructions for using POS machines for cashier employees?

What is POS?

POS stands for Point of sales. This is the term used to refer to retail outlets: grocery stores, retail supermarket chains, clothing stores, etc. At each POS point, there is a system or tool to record the sales situation, the amount of money get. This tool can be notebook, cash register, excel system, sales software, …

POS là gì?
What is POS?

What is POS machine?

POS machines are commonly used at checkout counters, allowing users to pay by bank cards: ATM cards, VISA cards, credit cards, etc. These are common types at home. goods, hotels, supermarkets, shops, …

POS is also called with many other ways: POS vending machine, ATM card swipe machine, POS card scanner, …

When using POS, customers do not need to carry too much cash on the side but still can afford to buy and pay. This can minimize asset risks.

Development of POS card swipe machine

At the first time, the POS card is used only with 1 or few banks. Therefore, the use is still inconvenient. But now, most banks are linked, POS machines can be used with most banks. This becomes an indispensable tool of cashier.

In order to stimulate the shopping and use of people’s money, banks now associate with stores and supermarkets, offering many promotions and great discounts when buying and paying via cards. POS machines are also becoming more familiar and important. With the introduction of handheld POS, mobile, those who collect money (electricity, water, phone charges …) can also use POS card.

For businesses, the use of POS also brings many effects: managing money more closely; clear goods management; limit the risk of losing money, theft, fraud; Help complete the payment process more quickly and professionally.

Cách thanh toán bằng máy quẹt thẻ POS
How to pay with a POS

Instructions for using POS machines for payment

How to pay with a POS card

Cashier receives payment cards from customers, swipes the card from the beginning to the end of the card reader on the POS machine. The cardholder information will be displayed on the screen. Employees enter the amount to be paid and return the POS to the guest to enter the pin code (if necessary).

When the machine notifies the transaction successfully, the staff invites the cardholder to sign and confirm on the receipt, complete the payment process.

Notes when paying with ATM card swipe machine

When receiving a guest card, before checking the card, staff should check the card status. Must sure not to be blurred, erased, cracked. Also, make sure the card is still valid. Checking the card does not take time when paying for the customer.

During the process of entering the pin code, do not look closely to ensure the privacy of the guest.

If during the payment process, if the visitor has an unusual, he / she must ask the guest to compare with the cardholder information. Refuse to pay if the customer answers incorrectly.

Before confirming, check whether the payment amount is correct or not. If not, must re-enter. If you enter and swipe incorrectly, although you can manipulate the return, the customer will be extremely uncomfortable. Because it takes a few days to weekly the guest account can float money.

Check carefully the money unit before making payment. When the customer is a foreigner, or uses the foreign currency in the card, check carefully to avoid confusion.

Cách xử lý một số trường hợp với máy POS
How to handle some cases with POS machines

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How to handle some cases with POS machines

 How to reprint the receipt through POS card payment bill

Reprint the bill in the POS machine in case of paper jams, out of paper, … If you want to print the nearest invoice, press Func key 72. If you want to print another invoice, press Func 73, then select the code the invoice number needs to be reprinted, then press Enter.

How to replace paper for POS  

When it detects that the POS has run out of paper, it is necessary to replace the new paper roll.

For fixed POS, receipt printing paper is arranged in the correct order. Just open the lid of the paper tray and put the paper in. Note, must be placed on the right side, in the right direction, leaving flat paper to avoid jamming, paper jams.

For handheld POS, printing paper has a curled form. When replacing paper, open the paper tray cover, pull up a piece of paper and close the lid.

POS does not have signal

POS works based on internet connection (via wifi). If the device does not work, it is recommended to check the line and internet signal of the device.

POS machines are becoming more and more popular in supermarkets and shops. Knowing about POS and how to use POS help cashier employees complete their work better and faster.

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