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What is Poshtel? The characteristics and development potential of poshtel

In the couple years, poshtel has become hot trend when traveling. This is a place to provide cheap accommodation services to meet the requirements of travelers. So what is poshtel? Poshtel has something that makes young people love that. What are the characteristics of poshtel and the development of poshtel in Vietnam?

What is Poshtel?

What is Poshtel? Poshtel is a word paired by posh (meaning luxury) and hostel (meaning cheap motel). This is a new term that appears in the business of accommodation services. The term poshtel refers to a residence with the elegance and sophistication of a boutique hotel with simple, cheap services of a hostel.

Poshtel first appeared in Europe and is gradually developing to the Americas and many other countries in the world. From the very beginning, poshtel was quickly attracted by tourists, especially young people. Big cities with tourism development: Paris, New York, Singapore, … all have poshtel constantly appearing and being appreciated.

Poshtel là gi?
What is poshtel?

The characteristic of poshtel

As a type of accommodation service developed on the basis of hostel, poshtel has many characteristics like hostel, besides, poshtel also has its own unique features.

Poshtel has dorm rooms for groups with bunk beds like other low-cost rooms. However, every room, bed is decorated in a delicate, eye-catching way. Guests can completely get impressive selfi pictures in the room.

Besides the eye-catching room space, the space outside the room is also impressive. From small flower gardens, wire swing tables, toilets, kitchens, … are cleverly shaped. This characteristic of poshtel is very similar to homestay.

Equipped in the rooms of the poshtel full and comfortable more than BnB or hostel. Each room in poshtel is fully equipped with air conditioning, television, locker with locker, dining table, bed curtain and toilet, private bathroom. This not only ensures comfort but also ensures privacy and safety for guests.

In poshtel, services: café, dance floor, bar, small flower garden, kitchen, … will be equipped. Depending on the size of each poshtel, the number of services is more or less, big or small. However, that alone has improved more than many regular hostels.

Poshtel service prices is more expensive than the hostel, but they are still a lot cheaper than hotels.

Đặc trưng của poshtel là gì?
What is the characteristic of poshtel?

What makes poshtel so attractive

The most interesting thing about poshtel is that poshtel can be considered as an independent hotel with full facilities: gym, bar, café, even swimming pool. Besides, poshtel provides common rooms so the room rates are much cheaper than hotels.

Unlike hotels, when staying at poshtel, guests can experience the cultural space of the place where they living. Most poshtel are decorated very nicely. Poshtel’s space is evaluated as a work of art with extremely delicate details.

Although it is a dormitory, however, poshtel’s safety and privacy are more secure than in hostels or other cheap accommodation.

Postel có thiết kế tinh tế, ấn tượng
Postel has an exquisite, impressive design

Poshtel’s potential for development in Vietnam

Although a new form of accommodation services business has appeared in the world in recent years. However, Vietnam has promptly “caught up” this new trend with a few poshtel built in Hanoi and Da Lat.

The first and most representative poshtel in Vietnam now include BacKy poshtel in Hanoi and Da Lat poshtel in Da Lat. Both of these poshtel are built by young, dynamic investors.

Bắc Kì poshtel ở Hà Nội
 Bac Ki poshtel in Hanoi

The highlight of these 2 poshtel is the light and unique design, impressing the tenants. Rooms and beds are designed to be both beautiful and secure; kitchen area and clean, delicate bathroom …

Besides the famous homestay, the poshtel in Vietnam is being appreciated by many tenants, leaving positive feedback with winged compliments. Because customers are in a place with beautiful view, comfortable with cost not too expensive (only about 200,000 / person).

Poshtel ở Việt Nam được đánh giá cao
Poshtel in Vietnam is highly appreciated

It can be seen that the development potential of poshtel in Vietnam is very strong. There have been “predecessors” and gained a lot of profits, surely when coming here, there will be more poshtel built and put into operation in Vietnam. Guests can have a wide selection of places to stay for their travel besides hotel, motel and many other forms of accommodation.

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