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What is Receptionist? What is the role of Receptionist in the hotel?

Receptionist can be considered a popular term commonly used in hotels today. What is Receptionist? What is the role of Receptionist in the hotel? The important is it in the hotel? Quickly find the answer in the article below.

What is Receptionist?

Receptionist is known as the reception department in the hotel. They will take over the task of receiving, checking -in, checking-out procedures, receiving information and handling customer requests. During their stay at the hotel they will have to solve all problems that customers encounter. Receptionist is the first and also the last employee to contact the customer. So all the actions and gestures of the receptionist also affect the customers’ view of that restaurant – hotel.

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Receptionist là gì?

What is the job of Receptionist?

The above tasks is the receptionist must do, they must also undertake some additional tasks such as:

1. For restaurant receptionist:

  • Arrange a schedule to book a table and with other departments to prepare fully and thoughtfully before customers arrive.
  • Guide customers to the right location.
  • Ensure customers have paid in full before leaving the restaurant.
  • Store information of patrons when visiting the restaurant.
  • Store, record specific day-to-day payments.
  • Gently coordinate with other departments and managers to solve problems quickly and without affecting customers.
  • Answer all your questions about any problem.

2. For hotel receptionist:

  • Coordinate with the cleaning room and ensure the room is always clean before customers arrive.
  • Introduce, advise customers to use all services of the hotel
  • Welcome customers, perform check-in procedures and arrange rooms for guests.
  • Receive feedback, requests from customers and quickly resolve with other departments.
  • Answer all customer questions, if outside your scope, contact the relevant department immediately.
  • Pay, do check-out procedures for customers.
  • Provide more information about customer sources as well as customer complaints and requests for other departments to promptly remedy and set up the best plans for customers.

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Receptionist là gì?
What is Receptionist? The work that Receptionist needs to do in the hotel

3 methods of communication with current customers:

Receptionist is seen as the hotel’s representative face. Every day they must contact, meet and communicate with many different customers. Those customers are not only domestic guests but also international guests. Therefore, the receptionists must know how to communicate in a suitable and standard way to satisfy customers. Here are 3 ways to communicate regularly at the hotel.

1. Verbal communication:

  • Customers’ impressions of the hotel will be assessed through the behavior, words, and actions of the receptionists. It is most evident through actions such as greeting, introduction on how to service, receive and process hotel complaints …
  • Then the receptionist will have to speak fluently, politely and gently so that customers can see their professionalism. And always use words such as ” thank you”, “sorry”, “ask for permission” … in the sentence to create more sympathy, making speech easier to hear and more convincing.

2. Communicate in writing:

  • Usually these will include forms such as information inquiry letters, booking confirmation letters, quality complaints letters … There are some hotels that use cards to write the feelings of customers. .
  • You need to pay attention to the content and purpose of conveying accurate information. If Receptionist addresses all customer inquiries, it is necessary to specify the time of execution. Certainly these requests must be answered quickly and promptly. You also need to be aware of how to address the customer in the document, such as confessing to him / her (Miss / Mrs / Miss) when first communicating. Mrs is for married women, Miss is for unmarried women and Ms uses when you do not know if the woman is married or not

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Receptionist là gì
What is Receptionist? Receptionist staff is ready to receive information and answer any questions of customers

3. Non-verbal communication:

  • The gesture of the reception shown outside is also considered a non-verbal method. These include: facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, handshake, standing or sitting posture, external appearance …
  • This can be considered a method not directly to customers. But it is much appreciated by customers in communication. Receptionist is therefore required to master all his actions and postures. In addition, Receptionist’s external appearance is always the most polite. Thus Receptionist will show his class and professionalism in front of customers.

Above is just Star Solutions’ small sharing about Receptionist. This is also a part that requires quite a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to meet all the jobs. Besides communication with customers and quick troubleshooting skills are very important. If you want to follow this career, you need to supplement your knowledge and soft skills very much in order to improve your level.

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