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What is Reservation? 9 booking status when booking a hotel

What is Reservation? The hotel reservation department is in charge of a hotel operation. Booking status when booking hotel rooms that certain staff must know

What is Reservation?

“Reservation” when using in the hospitality industry is booking, reservation. This is the term for the hotel reservation department. This department is part of the FO in the hotel.

What is the duty of the reservation department? The main task of this department is to receive customer booking information from different sources. Check hotel room status and room layout for guests. Besides, the booking team is also responsible for solving customer problems related to the payment and check-in.

Not all hotels have their own Reservation department. This department is only set up in high-end, large-scale hotels. In small and medium hotels, reservation is combined with some other parts in the hotel FO: Hotel reception, hotel cashier, …

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Reservation là gì? 9 trạng thái booking khi đặt phòng khách sạn
What is Reservation? 9 booking status when booking a hotel

The booking status in the hotel reservation

In the management and operation of hotels, in order to ensure the operations are clear and quick, most hotels use management software: Opera, Smile, Smart, …

For the booking department, these hotel management software plays a very important role. When there are new guests, check out, guests want to change rooms or make a reservation but cancel, … the system of the software will update and display the booking status in the hotel right at that time.

Hotel management software helps booking department staff to easily determine room information and respond to customers accurately, improve the quality of hotel services. 

We summarize 9 booking status when booking hotels and the meaning of each status on hotel management software

  • Confirmed – Booking has been confirmed before arrival.
  • Operational – Booking is confirmed and guests are staying in the hotel.
  • Completed – Booking has been confirmed, after the guest has checked-out.
  • Canceled – Booking has been canceled.
  • Canceled With Penalty – Booking has been canceled, and guests are penalized according to the hotel booking policy.
  • No Show – Guest has booked but does not come to check in.
  • No Show With Penalty – Guests who booked but did not come to check in, guests were penalized according to the hotel booking policy.
  • On Request – Receive a reservation but the hotel has no available rooms at the time of check-in.
  • Unsuccessful – Room reservation switch to this state when it passes the check-in and check-out period time.

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