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What is Room division? The work of the Hotel Division Manager

The hotel is home to many services, many different parts, especially in large 5-star hotels. In addition to positions: FBM, FOM, we can not forget the location of the Hotel Division Manager hotel. So what is Room Division? What is Room Division Manager? What is the role and work of Room Division Manager in 5-star hotels? How much is the Room Division salary? The required skills of a Hotel Division Manager hotel. 

What is Room Division?

What is Room Division?  In the hotel, Room Division is the term used to refer to the accommodation department. This is the department providing and serving accommodation services for customers when arriving at the hotel.

Room Division in the Hotel Division in the hotel consists of 2 parts: reception and room. In other words, Room Division is a big part, including two other divisions: hotel FO and hotel keeping .

Not all hotels have their own Division Room. Instead, only high-class hotels, big 4-5 star hotels even surpass 5 stars, when departments and employees work towards specialization, the Room Division will be separated.

Along with the accommodation department, the hotel also has the same parts: F&B department, admin department (administrative), sales & marketing department, additional service department, …

Room division là gì? Room Division Manager là gì?
What is Room division? What is Room Division Manager?

What is Room Division Manager?

Room Division Manager is the name of the director of the living room department in the hotel. Room Division Manager is responsible for managing the room and lobby department. Accordingly, Room Division Manager is the superior of FOM and Housekeeping Manager. Room Division Manager must manage the overall operations and staff of the two departments. Therefore, this is a senior management position, which plays an important role in the operation of a hotel.

In hotels, FO and Housekeeping are closely related. Because the work of the two departments is closely related.

FO informs the room about the guest schedule, the time of arrival, the time of departure, the guest room needs, etc. Based on that, Housekeeping will have suitable plans and arrangements to clean rooms, prepare rooms for guests. .

In contrast, FO can only arrange rooms, sell rooms for guests, lead guests to check-in when Housekeeping has cleaned the room, checked and ready for guests to use.

It is because of this close association, at large-scale hotels, Housekeeping and FO that conflicts are easy. The presence of the main Room Division Manager to balance, coordinate and resolve work conflicts and work between the two departments

The job description of Room Division Manager in a 5-star hotel

There are many people wondering about the role and work of Room Division Manager. Even so, many believe that the Division Manager is not important when the FOM and Housekeeping Manager are present. However, Room Division Manager is an extremely important position in managing and balancing 2 FO and Housekeeping departments. Because all decisions related to the operation of these two departments are under the management of Room Division Manager.

So what is the job of Room Division Manager in 5-star hotels:

Responsible for the operation of the FO and Housekeeping departments

Leaders of FO and Housekeeping departments

  • Leading the whole team of subordinates, completing the tasks of receiving and booking customers.
  • Ensure enough staff to be able to handle all tasks; At the same time, make sure all lower-level employees have enough working capacity.
  • Making decisions and operational strategies for the accommodation department.
RDM chịu trách nhiệm với hoạt động và nhân viên của 2 bộ phận lễ tân và buồng phòng
RDM is responsible for the operation and staff of the 2 reception sections and the room

Fostering staff training

  • Decide the plan of training, retraining, recruiting new employees for the department.
  • Decide promotion, appoint junior staff.
  • Decide on a professional training plan, cross-training for internal and external staff.

Another task of Room Division Manager

  • Responsible for the department’s salary and budget. Plan and balance revenue and expenditure for the entire hotel accommodation block.
  • Handle customer complaints about hotel operations as well as hotel products and services.
  • Attend meetings in the department and meetings with managers and hotel managers. Make reports about the work of the accommodation department.
  • Coordinate with relevant departments: sales & marketing, human resources, administration, … to plan, deploy hotel activities.

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Salary of Room Division Manager  

As a senior hotel staff, Room Division Manager has a fairly high salary. The average salary of a Hotel Room Manager Manager is about 40,000 USD / year. In addition, Room Division Manager also received many bonuses and other preferential regimes.

The salary of Room Division Manager hotel also depends on the size of the hotel, the country and the experience and working capacity of each individual. The accumulation of seniority in the hotel is also a way for Room Division Manager to have higher wages.

Skills to apply for Room Division Manager 5-star hotel

To become a 5-star Room Division Manager, you need to meet the following basic requirements:

  • There are full degrees and certificates in hospitality, hotel management, tourism.
  • Long experience in the same position in 4-5 star luxury hotels
  • Have good foreign language skills. Proficient in English with all 4 listening-speaking-reading-writing skills. Another 1-2 languages ​​is an advantage.
  • Proficient in computer literacy skills. Know to use hotel management software, accounting software, …
  • Ability to manage and lead; ability to solve tricky situations.
  • Good appearance, always taken care of in every job situation.
  • Ability to withstand high pressure at work. Because Room Division Manager is the position to always work long hours during the day, solve and decide many problems and situations in the hotel.

Star Solutions has just shared with you what the Room Division concept is; Room Division Manager is also the job of Room Division Manager in the hotel. This is just one of the small topics about the hotel restaurant industry that we synthesized. To learn more topics, please visit for more details.

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