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Three must have skills of a Shift leader

To provide customers with the best services, most restaurants – hotels are divided into small groups and in charge of each segment. But each of those groups must have a Shift leader to be able to manage their work, bear all the responsibility in that shift. So what is the Shift leader? What is the work of a Shift leader? And how are the skills needed to become a Shift leader? Let find out through the article below.

What is the Shift leader?

Shift leader is also known as the leader / shift leader in a restaurant. They have the authority and responsibility to manage everything in their shifts. Shift leader also does the work of an ordinary employee in a restaurant – hotel. But they have the ability to excel and be chosen to supervise activities in a certain group in order to bring better results at work.

shift leader là gì
What is the Shift leader? The important of this job in a restaurant?

In some restaurants, the hotel Shift leader will be divided to manage the separate parts of each different shift such as: Chief of Bar, Chief of the receptionist … ..

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Specific work of a shift leader in a restaurant:

Shift leader or Captain here means that the Team Leader is in charge of managing and running a group of employees. But Shift leader is the head of the management team of many different departments such as head of the receptionist, chief of the odd, chief of the cleaning room … In addition to performing the job of a Captain , Shift leader also has to do some jobs like:

shift leader là gì
What is the specific job of a shift leader?


  • Responsible for assigning specific tasks to each employee in the department he / she is in charge of.
  • Have the right to mobilize employees to support group work or support other groups 
  • Check daily cleaning jobs, setup to prepare guests at the beginning of each shift.
  • Manage and check the number of tools assigned in the restaurant.
  • Proposing to repair or replace new ones when finding faulty and damaged tools and equipment.
  • Direct guidance and professional training for new employees in their group. Periodically check the capacity of team members.
  • Resolving customer complaints and complaints about employees within their scope of authority. Report, ask for handling opinions of the Supervisor / Manager when outside the scope of authority.
  • Daily / weekly / monthly report daily work to the Supervisors / Managers.
  • Participate in training courses to improve professional skills.
  • And perform other jobs as required by Restaurant Management …

3 skills that the Shift leader should have:

  1. Communication skills in restaurants:

This can be considered as one of the extremely important skills of all employees. In the process of working, the Shift leaders must regularly exchange and encourage the working spirit of the junior staff. Thus, the Shift leader will create a strong attachment within the group. In the restaurant when there are problems between employees and customers, the Shift leader needs to resolve quickly. And they have to use their communication skills to please and satisfy customers.

  1. Management skills at work:

Shift leader must observe all the big and small activities in the restaurant. So their workload in a shift is quite large. Shift leader is required to keep track of all the work and activities of the employees. They must monitor from the kitchen area to the dining area and other related work.

So this requires the Shift leader to know how to monitor the work in the restaurant properly from the organization, layout and arrangement of personnel. Management skills also help them a lot in monitoring and managing employees in a quick shift. So no matter what happens, it will not be difficult for them.

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shift leader là gì
What is the required skill of a shift leader?
  1. Thinking control skills:

The amount of work in the restaurant is quite a lot that makes Shift leader easily fall into a tired state. If this situation persists, it will lead to health effects and work performance. So if a leader can control the thoughts, quickly releasing them, it will be very beneficial for the Shift leader helping the Shift leader to be more convenient and easier at work.

Currently Shift leader position is also a job that many young people are looking forward to. If you want to pursue this position, try to cultivate and supplement your knowledge from now on. Hope through this article you can understand more about Shift leader as well as the necessary skills to become a Shift leader.

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