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What is SOP? What is the SOP standard for hotel operations?

SOP is a familiar concept, applied in many industries: health, tourism, hotels, … and has a very important role.So what is SOP? What is SOP in the hotel? Why is it necessary to build SOP standard procedure in the hotel?

What is SOP?

SOP stands for the Standard Operating Procedure which means the standard operating procedure. This is a system of processes, steps built to guide employees and improve employee performance.

When following the SOP standard, the work will be more professional and quickly. Using SOP for new staff training will save time and help them quickly get used to the new job and environment.

It is because of the great benefits in many aspects that SOP is applied by many industries. In particular, the most typical ones are pharmaceuticals, medical, hotels, …

SOP là gì?
What is SOP?

What is SOP in the hotel?

In the hospitality industry, there are many areas that apply SOP process. These include: receptionist, cleaning room, restaurant service, payment, furniture setup, etc. Each department is different with many separate SOP standards.

It can be said that SOPs in hotels are the standard rules and regulations set for employees to apply in their daily work. Staff cleaning room and set up the room according to standards; receptionists perform the check-in and check-out process according to standards; waiters set up tables, welcome guests according to standards; …

The SOP standard patterns in each part of the hotel are different. However, the common point of the standards is:

  • Subject of application
  • Characteristics of each stage
  • Requirements for implementers
  • Attention when manipulating
Quy trình thao tác chuẩn SOP được áp dụng tại nhiều bộ phận trong khách sạn
SOP procedures are applied at many parts of the hotel 

What is the SOP standard for hotel operation?

The role of SOP in the hotel is shown in many ways. However, the effect of SOP is most clearly expressed in hotel human resource management.

  • SOP hotels are the basis to guide and train employees. Especially new employees.
  • It is the standard to compare and evaluate the level of work completion of employees. From there, it can be recognized that the qualified and weak employees  
  • For staff, hotel SOPs help new employees less surprised when they come to the new environment; There are grounds and standards to advance the assigned work.
  • Applying SOP standards well, hotels not only optimize work efficiency but also serve customers better, making customers more satisfied.
Yêu cầu để vận hành hiệu quả quy trình chuẩn SOP là gì?
What is the requirement to operate SOP?

Required to operate SOP effectively in the hotel

In order to achieve the above effects, the developers of SOP standard procedures as well as implementing staff must meet many requirements. That is to build a standard SOP procedure to implement them fully.

Develop standard SOP scientific procedure

  • Process of hotel SOP standard at each location, each hotel is different. Must be based on each condition, each position to provide a suitable and scientific process.
  • In addition to basing on the specific conditions of your hotel, SOP developers can refer to and research the processes of other hotels and restaurants to avoid unnecessary mistakes.  

The staff implementing SOP must be correct and sufficient

  • In order for SOP to be most effective, those who implement SOP – hotel employees must strictly follow the process in place.
  • Employees are not the ones who set up SOP, so they should not “creatively” and “transform” this process. However, when done, if detecting any unreasonable things, the staff is responsible for reflecting to the management for timely treatment.
  • At the same time, in order to build SOP hotels, when receiving feedback from customers about these processes, employees are also responsible for acknowledging and reflecting on their management.

Hotel management must closely monitor the implementation of SOP

  • Managers must research and have a clear understanding of their work and positions in their management area.
  • Training and thorough explanation of each process for employees; At the same time, close supervision of the implementation process of SOP standards of junior staff.
  • Listen to feedback from junior staff; Based on the changes of the factors affecting SOP standard, there are suitable adjustments to SOP standard science always effective.

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