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What is spa therapist? The work of hotel spa therapists

Spa therapist is one of the key staff of the hotel spa department. Profession spa therapist not only requires professional knowledge about good therapy but also must have knowledge of service and customer service. So what is therapist spa? What does the job description of the hotel spa therapist include?  How much salary that they receive

What is spa therapist?

Spa therapist is the term used to refer to hotel spa therapists. These are people who only work in the spa area; is responsible for health care, massage, conduct physical therapy, beauty … for customers in the hotel.

Spa therapist working under the management and administration of spa department management. Only hotels with spa services have spa therapist staff. In addition to the hotel, spa therapist can also work at spa centers, special massage.

Spa therapist là gì?
What is spa therapist?

Job description of the hotel spa therapist

Work prepares of spa therapist at the first shift

Before starting the shift, the spa therapist must prepare for the job:

Change uniforms, appearance: hair tied up, nails cut short and clean; dress neatly …

Check the cleaning of the office (treatment room). Make sure all rooms are clean.

Check the equipment and tools in the office. The equipment must be complete and work well.

Check out the blankets, pillows, towels, carpets on each bed

Check out the chemicals, essential oils, shampoos, shower gels, … in the spa room, bathroom, sauna. Supplement if there are lack or not.

The work of hotel spa staff

Therapy and massage procedures for guests:

  • Invite guests to lie on a massage bed and put a towel on the guest
  • Choose the type of essential oil you require or the type of essential oil that suits the guest
  • Rub the essential oil on hands, heating the oil. Rub evenly, massage for guests.
  • Foot massage for guests: ankles, toes, acupuncture points
  • Massage the ankles and calves for guests
  • Massage thighs, hips and buttocks (if requested by guests)
  • Back therapy, shoulder back for guests. Press acupuncture points on your spine.
  • Massage the arms and hands, the guests’ knuckles
  • Massage the abdomen of the guest
  • Massage the nape of the neck, press the points of the head and face area for the guests. Face area will use creams, essential oils for massage.

Finish spa treatment process, spa therapist staff guide guests to the sauna, bathroom.

In addition to massage, spa therapist staff can also serve guests if guests need beauty treatment. At that time, it is necessary to use appropriate machines, tools and methods, depending the needs.

Công việc của nhân viên trị liệu spa khách sạn
The work of hotel spa therapists

Other work of hotel spa therapist

Besides these jobs, therapist spa also has to do many other things:

  • Chat with customers during the treatment process. Introduce the services available in the hotel for guests if needed.
  • Participate in regular meetings, periodic reports
  • Participate in skills training courses organized by the hotel
  • Do the jobs according to the management’s deputy

The salary of a therapist 

For new, inexperienced employees, the fix salary of a spa therapist in the hotel is usually 4-6 million / month. With people with 1-2 years of experience, spa therapist can be paid 7-10 million / month. In addition, hotel spa staff can also receive other surcharges: hot bonus, service charge, tips from customers, commissions, …

With a good salary and income, the spa therapist is a career that is highly sought by women. However, to do a therapist spa, in addition to acquiring professional qualification certificates, you also need good customer care skills. If you want to work at big hotels, it is also necessary to improve your speaking language skills.

Requesting spa recruiting therapist in the hotel is now quite a lot. However, due to occupational characteristics, most hotels prioritize the recruitment of female therapist spa. This is also a work that requires looks (height, bright face, beautiful skin, …). Hopefully, through this article, you will have a basic picture of spa therapist career to make the right and most appropriate decisions.

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