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What is split shift? Things to know about split shift in restaurants and hotels

Restaurants and hotels are home to many vacancies and diverse working hours. In addition to office work, working hours also have many part-time positions, shift work. In particular, split shift is feature that is almost exclusively found in restaurants and hotels. So what is split shift?

What is a split shift?

The split shift also has another way of referring to the shift – which is one of the terms for working hours of many employees in restaurants and hotels. When working a fracture, the employees do not do the usual 8 hours as usual but will be divided into 2 separate periods of the day. This way will help the restaurant and hotel serve customers best and use human resources in the most optimal way.

For example: In a restaurant that serves lunch and dinner, when working in shifts, staff will work 2 times a day. Morning from 10am to 2pm. Rest 3 hours (from 2pm to 5pm) then continue to work from 17h-21h.

The working time in the fracture is divided depending on the specific regulations of each restaurant and hotel. At the same time, the number of broken cases during the week / month is also regulated depending on different time to optimize the human resources in the hotel.

Ca gãy là gì?
What is a split shift?

Things to know about split shift in restaurants and hotels 

Who has to do broken shifts in restaurants and hotels?

Usually, fractures are often applied to employees: waiters, receptionists (hotess), kitchen staff, cashiers … However, not all of their working time is split shift. They only have to do a certain number of split shift by week or month.

Special cases: students, young children, who need flexible working time, … can apply for the entire break.

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Does the split shift work for several hours a day?

Compared to other normal shifts, split shift have no more work hours – still 8 hours a day. However, this 8 hour is not continuous but divided into 2 different time periods.

Specifically, when working in shifts, staff will have to work from 10am to 14h and 17h-21h or 11h-15h and 17h-21h. Depending on the time of business or the busy time of each restaurant, hotel, there is a different time of breaking.

Ca gãy làm việc 8h /ngày nhưng không liên tục mà chia làm 2 khoảng thời gian cách biệt

What is the effect of split shift – why there must have split shift

The formation of split shift in restaurants and hotels is effective in optimizing human resources and serving customers in the best way. This is also the reason why there are split shift in restaurants and hotels. 

The split shift helps the hotel serve customers better

Usually, hotels and restaurants often serve lunch and dinner. If all employees work in shifts, almost 8 hours of continuous work, employees will feel tired, reducing work efficiency. Therefore, it is very likely to have eror.

When working in split shift, the staff: serve, the kitchen staff has a half-day break to replenish energy and restore health. Large, crowded restaurants or on holidays, staff holiday time is essential.

Moreover, the working time in the shift is exactly the time that customers use the services of restaurants and hotels.

Làm việc theo ca gãy giúp khách sạn tận dụng một cách tối ưu nguồn nhân lực
Working in shifts helps the hotel to make the most of human resources
The split shift takes full advantage of human resources

While the restaurant only does business at lunch or dinner, it is a waste to hire 2 classes of employees in 2 shifts. The implementation of split shift will help the hotel make the best use of its human resources.

For large restaurants and hotels, there will be quite a lot of employees working in shifts. The working time of the split shift will be designed into the right “peak hour” of business every day. Therefore, it is possible to avoid overcrowding and lack of staff.

Working split shift cause many inconveniences to employees?

The fracture work is not fixed, so if work in long-term, there will be adverse effects on health due to unreasonable eating and resting time.

For young people, working in split shift will not have time for dates, gatherings; There is no time for another extra job. Because the break time is too short (2-3 hours).

For those who have families and houses not close to the workplace, when they do a split shift, they will have very little time for their families. When they are not able to go home in the middle of the shift, they will have to work at 12-15 hours a day.

Tuy còn nhiều bất cập, xong, nhân viên ca gãy cũng được hưởng khá nhiều ưu đãi
Although there are still many shortcomings, the staff of the split shift also enjoyed a lot of incentives

Special offers for split shifts

Due to many inconveniences as mentioned above, the restaurants and hotels now have a lot of incentives, separate regimes for the employees who do split shift:

  • There may be additional subsidies for split shift
  • Provide 2 meals / day
  • Flexible working time, there is a period of sleep, lunch break after 4 hours of hard work.
  • Working at a busy time so there’s a chance to get more tips.

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