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What is steward? Job description of steward at hotel and restaurant

Stewart is the part that makes the F&B department a success. Because The steward plays a role to ensure hygiene for restaurant tools, kitchen tools. What is steward? The hotel steward’s job description – what does the hotel steward include? How much does the restaurant pay for steward?

What is steward?

What is steward? The Stewart is the term used to refer to the Stewart department in the hotel. This is also a way to call dishwashing staff, sundry staff working in the area of ​​restaurants, hotels, canteen, etc. Steward has the duty to clean the utensils and tools in restaurants and kitchens. In addition, steward must also ensure hygiene for food preparation, kitchen area, …

At large hotels and restaurants, industrial hotel dishwashers are quite well equipped. Therefore, the the steward staff did not have to wash dishes by hand. Instead, they will use the machine to complete most of their work.

Steward là gì? Công việc của steward là gì trong nhà hàng khách sạn?

What is steward? What is the job of steward in the hotel restaurant?

Job description at  Steward hotel

As a steward, a dishwasher of the restaurant, the hotel includes a lot of small details. Depending on the size, class and individual hotel regulations, the steward’s job will be different. However, in general, the hotel steward’s work will include:

What is the steward’s job: operating the dishwasher (if available)   

Remember how to use and pay attention when using an industrial dishwasher .

  • Perform the process of washing dishes of chopsticks, cups, … in accordance with the above procedure
  • Using chemical, water temperature, … reasonably. Ensure hygiene for washing items (bowls, chopsticks, cups, spoons, plates, …), at the same time, ensure safety for users.
  • Monitor and check the performance of the machine. Promptly detect cases of dishwashers broken or malfunctioning.

Cleaning and maintenance of machines monthly. Fix errors in ability. If the machine detects a problem outside the control, the steward must immediately inform the technical department.

Nhân viên steward khách sạn phải biết sử dụng máy rửa bát
The hotel steward must know how to use the dishwasher

The work of steward: washing dishes of all kinds

In the case the hotels, small restaurants have no dishwashers; too much work, inadequate machine capacity; or items that cannot be washed with a machine, steward must be done by hand washing.

Steward accepts dishes from the respective departments – outlets in the hotel : restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. Carry out the classification of each item, each outlet.

  • Perform SOP washing procedure according to SOP (if any) or individual hotel regulations.
  • Dry, sterilize after the bowl is cleaned. Ensure food safety and hygiene for every detail, especially small details in hotel cutlery .
  • Arrange clean utensils and supplies in the right places. Make sure the parts come to get the right items, the right amount quickly and easily.
  • Preserving items that are not broken, scratched or lost during washing.
  • Check and report on the status of kitchen appliances and restaurants. Notice to the corresponding parts if missing or damaged.
  • Have a suitable work plan. Ensure proper supply of all clean items for all parts when needed.

Steward’s mission: clean up the kitchen

Kitchen is the working area of ​​the chefs. However, cleaning and ensuring  kitchen area is not just the job of the hotel kitchen staff. The steward also has a duty to coordinate with the others  to complete this task. To ensure hygiene for the kitchen area, the steward must:

Preservation and maintenance of utensils and utensils used in the kitchen must do regularly. Monitor, check quality and quantity of these items. Notify and propose to superiors when they are discovered missing or damaged.

Steward là công việc tay chân khá vất vả trong khách sạn

Another hotel steward’s mission

  • Check furniture in stock, clean stock periodically. Make sure the warehouse is clean and neat.
  • Support extra kitchen cleaning food; Food inspection when warehousing. Ensure food always meets the needs of the kitchen.
  • Pour garbage and take garbage to the right place.
  • Check the area of ​​responsibility before and after each shift.
  • Participate in cross-training meetings and training organized by the hotel.
  • Carry out other jobs when a chief steward is requested

Steward’s salary restaurant – hotel

As manual work, does not require too many skills, qualifications, the average salary of steward in a hotel restaurant is usually from 3.5 to 5 million / month. Like other official employees in the hotel, steward is also entitled to other surcharges: service charge, bonus, … lunch allowance, hotel uniforms. However, because there is no direct contact with the customer, the chance of receiving steward tips is quite small. The steward’s income in the hotel restaurant can reach 6-8 million / month.

In order to become a steward in a hotel, you need to be in good health, hardworking, careful at work. The toughness in health and the ability to withstand high pressure in work are also essential. When doing well on the task, being highly appreciated by the superiors, the steward also has the opportunity to advance with positions: Monitor the steward department ; chief steward, … Therefore, it is necessary to successfully complete the assigned tasks and learn more new skills, including hotel steward.

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