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What is Teppanyaki? Learn Japanese culinary arts through teppanyaki

Japan is a country with a unique culinary culture with many impressive dishes. Besides the typical dishes such as sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki is also one of the unforgettable when referring to the cuisine of the sunrise country. So, what is teppanyaki? Where does Teppanyaki come from? Main ingredients for teppanyaki and how to enjoy the teppanyaki.

What is Teppanyaki?

What is Teppanyaki? Teppanyaki is come from teppan and yaki. In Japanese, teppan means pan made by steel; yaki means cooking technique. Teppanyaki means cooking art, processing dishes on iron pan.

When enjoying the food at the teppanyaki restaurants, guest not only get great food but also have the opportunity to see the professional cooking process of the chef teppanyaki. Knife, fork, fire, juggling, etc. are indispensable techniques for a teppanyaki cook.

Teppanyaki là gì?
What is Teppanyaki?

The origin of teppanyaki – What is Japanese BBQ?

Teppanyaki appeared very early in Japan, so many people often misunderstand this is traditional Japanese cuisine. However, in fact, teppanyaki is the result of combining Japanese cuisine with Western cuisine. This is considered BBQ Japanese style with many grilled dishes, very unique on the pan.

Teppanyaki has only been available since 1945. In 1945, Misono restaurant chain introduced the idea of ​​serving European grill goods on Japanese teppan pan. At this time, Japan was defeated by foreign military on the Second World War. Teppanyaki was quickly attracted by foreigners. Minoso restaurants have become a popular tourist destination for everyone. Gradually, teppanyaki began to spread throughout Japan and spread to many countries around the world.

What are the main dishes made on teppanyaki?

Considered BBQ of Japan, the ingredients of the processed dishes on teppanyaki is indispensable red meat and seafood. Besides, there is no lack of Japanese vegetables and noodles.

Red meat dishes, grilled seafood

European-style Teppanyaki is famous for its grilled dishes with mainly meat and seafood. Normally, the ingredients for these dishes will not or will not be seasoned to maintain the best taste.

The meat is kept thick, grilled on the pan until well cooked. The thickness of the teppanyaki pan will make the meat ripen; Ensure the soft, sweet, succulent but not tough and raw.

Noodles, rice, with eggs and vegetables

Besides the barbecue, teppanyaki can not lack of noodles and rice. In particular, yakisoba noodles served with beets and thin meat slices; Japanese pan-fried Okonomiyaki.

In addition, teppanyaki cookers often process noodles with vegetables, eggs on iron pan. The professional chefs in addition to creating delicious taste but also demonstration techniques noodle, juggling, skillful egg island.

Những kĩ thuật biểu diễn teppanyaki cơ bản
Techniques for performing the basic teppanyaki

The basic teppanyaki demonstration

Before performing cooking on teppanyaki, the chef must learn to control the pan. Cook what, how much heat, how to avoid burns, avoid firing food, firing grease around. Besides, make sure the layout of the ingredients on the pan is beautiful.

Teppanyaki performance usually includes basic skills:

  • Show knives: cut food, knife dance, …
  • Show shovel: juggle food, flip food, mix noodle, …
  • Fire show: add wine, sauces, spices to the food on the hot pan, sparking a big flame.
  • Performed with a fork
  • Performing with a bowel movement

How to enjoy teppanyaki in the right way

When dining at restaurants, teppanyaki, there is no shortage of sauce and sake. This is one of the side dishes that make up the uniqueness of teppanyaki

Eat teppanyaki with sauce

Sauces are indispensable when eating noodles and grilled food. With teppanyaki, the most popular Japanese sauce is miso (usually accompanied by meats) and Hanabusa sauce (usually accompanied by vegetables).

Each dish will be accompanied by different types of sauce. Sauces will help the food more delicious and tasty.

Enjoy teppanyaki with sake

Spicy sake, very suitable for eating teppanyaki. In summer, teppanyaki will be served with chilled sake. In winter, the wine will be warmed up before filling for customers.

Sitting around the teppanyaki kitchen, enjoying the chef’s unique performances, sipping delicacies and sake is considered one of the highlights of Japanese culinary culture.

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