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What is the 5s standard? 5S implementation process in the hotel

5S standard was born in Japan and applied by Toyota company first. After the successes of this company, 5S quickly became popular worldwide. So what is the 5s standard? Benefits of implementing 5S? What is the process of implementing 5S?

What is 5S standard?

What is 5S standard?  5S Standard is the first 5 S combination of 5 Japanese words: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke. The meaning of these 5 words is: screening, arranging, clean, caring, ready. These are the standards set and applied first in Japan. Then, with its benefits and practicality, the 5S standard has become a standard adopted by businesses worldwide.

In English, 5S standard is expressed by: Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain. With the same meaning as in Vietnamese and Japanese.

Tiêu chuẩn 5S là gì?
What is 5S standard?

Explain each step in the 5S standard is – 5S implementation process

When applying 5S standard in the operation of an enterprise, the process must be carried out from the letter S from S1 to S5 respectively. Specifically:

S1 – Seiri – Sort – Screening

Remove unnecessary items and utensils from the workplace.

When implementing S1, there are 3 things to remember and make sure to do:

  • Must implement S1 periodically
  • Items, materials, equipment, … broken, unused, no need to be removed or taken out of the workplace.
  • Keep only necessary supplies, equipment, and materials.

S2 – Seiton – Straighten – Arrangement

Arrange the workplace neatly. Everything, including objects in the warehouse, must be neat, tidy, scientific and convenient.

  • After filtering out the necessary items, they must be arranged in a scientific, neat way.
  • Having a specified position with each item; have clear identification signs.
  • Every employee, everyone must strictly follow to the above arrangement

S3 – Seiso – Shine – Clean

Always have a sense of hygiene for the workplace. Ensure a clean, dust-free workplace, keep yourself and your colleagues healthy.

The implementation of S3 must be carried out periodically and at any time (when dust and garbage are present).

Cleaning, ensuring cleanliness must be done with:

  • Working tools and utensils
  • Workplace

Around the workplace

Quy trình thực hiện tiêu chuẩn 5S là gì?
What is the process of implementing 5S standard?

S4 – Seiketsu – Standardize – Caring

Always maintain, create a working environment, scientific and friendly workplace by implementing S1, S2, S3.

  • Maintain periodically and standardize processes from S1 to S3. There are clear regulations on the time of the work, specific tasks, requirements for each.
  • Establishing rules to enforce 3S for each individual.

S5 – Shitsuke – Sustain – Ready

Create self-discipline when working, keep working to ensure a scientific and convenient working environment.

Create a scientific and convenient working environment based on the self-consciousness of each individual. Minimize waste of time, effort, manpower and material in work.

For the application of the 5S standard, the coordination and operation of a team from staff to management is required. In addition, to apply 5S standards well to businesses, many experts also said that there must be 3D presence. So what is 3D?

What is 3D? What is 3D 5S?

3D is a set of rules that every manager should apply. The set of 3d rules includes:

The application of 3D rules to implement 5S standards means that leaders and managers must provide guidance, orient employees and guide them to do what they need to do; ways to achieve the best results. After that, assign specific tasks and roles to their subordinates. At the same time, set standards to assess the level of work completion.

Not just applying 5S standards that everything will go smoothly. Whether or not to apply the 5S standard depends on how each enterprise is implemented. Instead, combining 3D standards will help the success rate of implementing the 5S standard higher. This is the reason why people often put 3D with 5S, forming 3D 5S terminology.

Lợi ích của việc áp dụng tiêu chuẩn 5S là gì?
What are the benefits of applying 5S standards?

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Benefits of applying 5S standards

  • Building a clean, neat and positive working environment
  • Minimize waste in all aspects: time, effort, human resources, money, …
  • From minimizing waste of time and money, applying 5S standards will help businesses improve their advantages when competing with their competitors.
  • Improving safety in work and production. Proactively prevent risk situations. Take measures to resolve promptly in all situations.
  • Improve discipline, self-awareness and working spirit of each individual.
  • Strengthening internal solidarity within the enterprise.
  • Enhance creativity, positive work of each individual.
  • Create and build a better, progressive and scientific image of the business in the eyes of customers. Create sympathy from customers, attract talents to businesses.

Why 5S standards are increasingly applied by many businesses

The application of 5S standards has been increasingly expanded in the business community for the following reasons:

5S standards can be applied to all types and sizes of different businesses.

Explaining the steps of 5S standard is quite simple and easy, does not require each person to explain the specialized or foreign terms difficult to remember.

The requirements in 5S standards are close to the actual requirements of a healthy working environment for each person. Therefore, implementation will not face much opposition. The percentage of employees voluntarily implementing these regulations is huge.

Most businesses are experiencing outstanding problems:

  • Many surplus appliances, equipment
  • Many jobs do not have clear standards, take time to arrange and redo many times because of errors.
  • Office equipment, materials, machinery are not regularly cleaned
  • Workplaces are still unsafe: wires are confused, unreasonable; dirty stagnant water; lack of light; …
  • The spirit is that work, creativity, employee awareness and internal solidarity are still poor

For the above reasons, 5S standards are increasingly being expanded to every industry, every profession, every scale and enterprise level. A thorough understanding of 5S standards helps businesses make informed decisions when applying this standard. At the same time, it is possible to give a suitable and consistent application method to your business.

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