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What is the hotel? Classify hotels by target market

As the living standard of the people increases, the demand for tourism and resorts also increases. Hotels are built more and more. So what are the hotel classification criteria? If sorting by target market, what types of hotels will be?

What is the hotel?

What is the concept of a hotel can be understood in many different ways.

From an economic perspective, the hotel is a type of business, registered in accordance with the laws of the host country. The purpose of the hotel is to take profit from the business of accommodation services and other accompanying charging services.

On the other hand, the hotel can also be interpreted as an accommodation service business with all necessary facilities: bed, television, dime, internet, bathroom, … Can fully meet the requirements demand for rest, dining, entertainment for visitors.

In addition, the hotel can also be interpreted as a permanent structure, consisting of many floors, many bedrooms; Each bedroom is fully equipped with equipment and furniture for the purpose of business in accommodation services and many other related services.

Khách sạn là gì?
What is the hotel?

Classify hotels by target market

In order to classify hotels, people often base on hotel scale. Besides, people also divide hotels according to the target market. When divided by target market, the hotel has the following categories:

Commercial Hotels 

A commercial hotel is a type of hotel whose main customers are business travelers and business guests. Characteristics of this type of hotel is located in the center of cities and provinces with economic development.

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Airport Hotel – Airport hotel

Airport Hotel is located close to the airport. This hotel has a guest object that is the number of transit passengers who need a short time rest; members of the crew; Missed passengers, delayed flights

Apartment Hotel , Condotel 

The apartment hotel includes apartment-style rooms: including many bedrooms, with additional working rooms, living rooms, kitchens as a normal apartment.

Target customers of apartment hotels are often families, groups of guests who need long-term holidays, cooking and those who do not have stable accommodation.

Casino hotel là gì?
What is casino hotel?

Casino Hotels 

The casino hotel is just like its name, this hotel has 2 main services, accommodation and casino services. This hotel usually serves mainly tourists who need to visit the casino.

Casino hotel is usually equipped with modern, class service and gathers many famous entertainment forms. The place has many casinos hotels: Las Vegas, Macau, … In Vietnam, casino hotel has in Do Son (Hai Phong), Lao Cai, Lang Son, Quang Ninh.

Resort Hotels

Resort hotels are often built near tourist centers, with fresh air, beautiful scenery, wide area. The target customer of resorts usually those with long-term resort needs.

Convention Hotels 

The conference hotel next to the main service is accommodation, the conference and seminar services are very modernly equipped. Souvenir shops, office services, … full and comfortable. Due to serving conferences and seminars, the location of the conference hotel is usually located in the center, convenient transportation.

Budget hotel là gì
What is Budget hotel

Golf hotel  

Hotel golf courses are often built with large golf courses, modern investment. Due to being equipped with a golf course, this hotel is usually located in the suburbs, or near the mountains, highlands, where the area is spacious.

The main guest of the golf hotel is usually a golfer. However, besides, this hotel is also often chosen as a resort, conference, workshop, …

Budget hotel  

Budget hotel is a cheap hotel, with small rooms, floor beds to save space.

The main object of the budget hotel is backpack tourists, who want to travel economically.

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Currently, more and more hotel is built. Therefore, in order to increase competitiveness, owners increasingly diversified services to serve more customers. Therefore, the above information to classify hotels also become blur. The boundary between different types of hotels is also hard to classify. However, hotel classification is still extremely important for administrators to clearly define their target customer.



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