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What is the menu set? Process of setting menu for restaurant staff

In the restaurant, there are quite a number of different ways of serving and choosing dishes. Besides the a la carte form, the buffet also has the form of serving menu set. So what is the menu set? What are the steps for serving set menu for restaurant staff? What are the note that we need to pay attention when serving set menu.

What is the menu set?

What is the menu set?  menu set is the term used to refer to a form of service in a restaurant under a fixed menu. Accordingly, the number of items served will be limited and fixed already. The menu set usually has 5 items, 7 dishes, 9 dishes or 12 items depending on the number of people / table.

Set menu is widely applied in restaurants and hotels. They are often used for parties with family, friends, birthday parties or weddings … At that time, all diners have the same service standards.

Set menu là gì?
What is the menu set?

Process of setting menu for restaurant staff

Each type of menu will have its own service. Typically, restaurants will have their own rules of service for each type of menu. So, what are the steps for serving the set menu party?

Step 1: Set up the banquet table

Clean the banquet. Make sure the banquet room is free of dust and garbage.

Arrange tables and chairs according to the diagram. Ensure the convenience, aesthetics. Depending on the number of guests, the layout of the restaurant or the customer’s request, select a table with a long range or a round table.

Check the tables and chairs. Make sure there is no limping, broken leg or puncture. Don tablecloths, chair shirt, bow decoration for each table as needed. Tablecloths must be spread evenly on the edges. Set of tablecloths, shirts, bow ties must be synchronized throughout the banquet space.

Prepare and set up the tools used on the banquet table. Make sure the necessary tableware: bowls, plates, spoons, forks, knives, chopsticks, toothpicks, napkins, spice jars, vase, menu, … on each table are full and clean. Setup the above tools so that they are beautiful and in accordance with the regulations of the restaurant.

Prepare more of the above tools to change as you need

Quy trình phục vụ set menu là gì?
What is the process of setting menu?

Step 2: Serve set menu party

Welcome guests when guests come with friendly attitude. Lead the guest to the table reserved area. Pull up the seat to invite guests and serve water for guests.

Depending on the requirements of the guests, the staff poured the wine into the glass on the table before the guests came or waited for the guests to come to the table to pour wine for each person.

Take the dishes in turn in the order of the set menu. Usually, it will go from appetizers, vegetables, main dishes and desserts.

In the process of serving, regularly pay attention to the needs of guests: change chopsticks, add tissues, light alcohol, pour fresh water, get ice, … promptly and quickly.

Take out the dishes according to the set menu. In the process, collect dirty cups, plates, glasses … guests and add new tools as required by guests.

Perform other jobs as required by the guests. Resolve some unexpected situations during customer service.

Step 3: Payment

Coordinate with the hotel restaurant cashier to check the number of set menus that customers have used. Check other services and products charged during the use of guests.

Check the invoice. Make sure the invoice has the right content for the customer service used.

Give the bill to the party owner. Check the bill with the party owner again. Contact the cashier or directly receive money from the customer. Inventory and confirm the amount of guests brought right in front of guests.

Các bước phục vụ set menu service
Steps to serve the service set

Step 4: Send-off the guests and clean the banquet table

When the guests leave, greet the guests in a friendly, polite way.

Tidy up the banquet table, arrange a table about the old location. Give the party use tools to the respective parts.

Replace new tools, re-set up the table to prepare for the next guests.

The process of serving different menus in the hotel restaurant helps employees start work faster. The restaurants will also work better, making customers more satisfied when the service process goes smoothly.

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