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What is the Outlet? The most popular Outlet models in the hotel

Outlet is not too strange term for people working in restaurant and hotel industry. However, to define a politically correct way, not everyone can. So what is the Outlet? What is the popular Outlet models?

What is the Outlet?

Outlet là gì?
What is the Outlet?

In English, the Outlet has many different meanings. However, in the field of restaurants and hotels, Outlet is the term for areas of catering business. In particular, can include: bar, restaurant, café, …

The outlet is managed by the F&B hotel department. As a business service, the outlet brings a great income to the hotel. Because they not only serve guests inside the hotel but also a large number of guests from outside.

For successful outlet models, there will be a majority of visitors from outside. Therefore, if business and communication is reasonable, these outlet models will help the hotel become more famous and class. During low tourist seasons, guests make little reservations, the outlet will have a major task in bringing revenue to the hotel.

In the hotel there are quite a lot of outlet business models. However, the number of outlet models in each hotel and resort is different. This depends on the size and class of each hotel. So, what are the popular models of outlet?

Nhà hàng khách sạn Halais Hotel được thiết kế trên tầng cao, trang trí đẹp, ấm cúng
Restaurant in Halais Hotel is designed on a high floor, beautiful and cozy decoration

Restaurant in the hotel

The restaurant is the most popular outlet model in the hotel. Each hotel can have many restaurants with different cuisine styles: Vietnamese restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, café restaurant, …

If the hotel has on a restaurant, each restaurant will have a separate area with a separate staff, from sterward staff, kitchens, catering or reception, etc. However, the restaurant manager can co-manage from 1, 2 or several restaurants at the same time.

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Hotel lounge

Lounge là một mô hình Outlet khách sạn
Lounge is a hotel Outlet model

Lounge is not a strange destination for many young people today. This is also considered a popular outlet model in hotels. The lounge serves both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the lounge is considered a combination of Bar and café. The atmosphere in the Lounge is not so exciting, noisy as a bar and not so quiet and gentle as a café.

Typical features of the lounge are a large space with many soft sofas, an ideal place to relax.

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Bars are not strange terms, especially among young people. Outlet model in hotel – hotel bar serving alcoholic drinks, cocktails and wines with high number of items along with fresh fruits.

However, compared to normal bars, the bar in the hotel is more strictly regulated on operating hours as well as the age of customers (visitors entering the bar have the required age of> 18).

Each hotel has a bar layout in a different location, depending on the room as well as its own location and characteristics. Among them, the most popular is the bar in the restaurant, pool bar, rooftop bar, …

Bar khách sạn phục vụ các thức uống có cồn, cocktail và các loại hoa quả tươi
The hotel bar serves alcoholic drinks, cocktails and fresh fruits

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What is the Outlet: Pub hotel

Pub is also one of the outlet models in the hotel. Different from bar, pub serving beer, non-alcoholic drinks and plenty of snacks. The space in the pub is not as lively as in the bar but it is also very busy. The pubs in the hotel have regulations on opening times but not stipulate the age of guests.

Coffee shop in the hotel

Answering the question of popular outlet models in hotels, cannot lack of coffee shop. This is the outlet model available in most 4-5 star luxury hotels and resorts. In addition to the types of coffee, the coffee shop in the hotel also serves a variety of drinks: mocha, fruit juice, cocoa, …

The coffee shops in the hotel are usually arranged in the lobby of the hotel – where there is a lot of visitors or patios, terraces – where there is a nice view to attract customers. The arrangement of a beautiful coffee shop space contributes to creating a unique feature and attraction for the hotel.

Mô hình outlet cafeteria được khá nhiều khách hàng ưa thích bởi không gian mở và khá tự do
The cafeteria outlet model is enjoyed by many customers because of the open and quite free space

Hotel Outlet: Cafeteria

The cafeteria outlet model is enjoyed by many customers because of the open and quite free space. This is a service model that combines a café and a buffet restaurant. The cafeteria serves similar dishes as a café and in the form of coffee restaurants. Accordingly, customers will choose their favorite drinks and food, go to the checkout counter and then select the table, the vacant position to sit.

It can be said that there are many different hotel outlet models. However, not every hotel has an outlet. This also depends on the size and class of each hotel. Moreover, not all luxury hotels have all the above mentioned outlets. Depending on the style, the hotel object is aimed at which investor will choose which outlet to put into his hotel.

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