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What is the outside party? Outside party planning process for hotel

In the hotel restaurant, the banquet service is extremely diverse in many forms. Include buffet, teabreak, cocktail party … and party outside. In this article, Star Solutions will introduce to you outside party concept? The process of holding a party outside includes the steps with the note when organizing parties outside the hotel restaurant.

What is the outside party?

What is the outside party? The outside party is a kind of party held at a location outside the hotel. The equipment, the banquet will be assigned to a professional organization, usually the restaurant, hotel.

Outside parties can be organized in a variety of forms, serving a variety of purposes. Weddings, banquets, events … can be organized outdoors. The party style is quite diverse, can be buffet, set menu, party teabreak and BBQ party.

Depending on the purpose and structure of the party, different party locations are selected. May be on the grass, beach, flower garden, even on the sidewalk, … This place is selected by the customer or the organization itself.

Tiệc outside là gì? Outside catering service là gì?
What is the outside party? Outside catering service?

Outside party service and catering service    

Outside catering service is one of the indispensable banquet services in the hotel. This service is a source of revenue for the hotel. In a big hotels, Sale banquet departments will be responsible for finding and caring for customers who want to organize this service.

To organize an outside service, the hotel needs to have a full and experienced staff. From event organizers, service staff, designer to the kitchen department,… By organizing outside service requires high quality and organization. Unlike other party types held in restaurants, hotels.

The process of holding outside party

A kind of banquet held outside the hotel campus, the stage of the party outside consists of many steps. Every step requires careful attention.

The survey to organize a party outside

Before agreeing to provide outside party service, with non-hotel locations – the restaurant or staff in charge should survey the site to determine the organization plan, logistical status ( The ability to provide electricity, water, conditions for installation of kitchen systems, refrigeration …), estimated cost …

Coordinate with sales department to survey the site, venue. Make sure the area is appropriate to the size of the party, the number of guests. At the same time take measures to overcome the restrictions brought by the place.

Investigate the route from the hotel to the place. Looking for the shortest, safest and most reasonable way.

Deals color, theme, color to decorate the party

Quy trình tổ chức tiệc outside khách sạn
Banquet process outside the hotel

Choose a party style, how to setup a party outside

Outside parties are organized in a way that depends on many factors:

  • Target customers (regular customers, VIP guests, business guests, …)
  • The purpose of the banquet: wedding, banquet, , …
  • Venue: flower garden, grass, sea, …

The outside party style can be cocktail, teabreak, buffet or set menu. Each type has a plan to provide different food, layout  

Plan the party and set up the party outside according to the theme chosen previously. Ensure backdrop, sound, light, wallpaper … to fit the theme.

Determine the exact time. Identify food menus, beverages, appetizers, desserts, main dishes, fruits, …

Identify cooking area, seating area, stage area, etc.

What are the steps for outside parties?

The steps of the outside party are similar to those of a set menu service. The preparation, reception and cleaning of the space are carried out in turn.

Notes when holding a party outside

Due to moving outside the hotel, facilities and equipment used in the party must be fully prepared.

The packaging, transportation of equipment, tools must be carefully carried out to avoid damage, shortage, lost.

Also due to limited space, it is dominated by many problems. Therefore, when planning, be careful of the situation: heavy rain, wind, power outage, temperature, …

If organized in a picnic area, security and safety issues for both staff and guests need to be closely monitored. Must have the signboard system, full warning.

Having a notice, list of assignments, supervision to minimize the possible errors.

Outside party is the type of party increasingly popular today. Especially when customers increasingly demand new, impressive in the organization stage. Paying attention to the details, the process of organizing the outside service helps the hotel party to avoid the unfortunate flaws.

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