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What is the pros and cons of using hotel rooms sign made of mica?

What is mica? Advantages and disadvantages of hotel number sign made of mica. Address provides hotel room number sign with quality mica.

What is mica?

When choosing the room number of sign for the hotel  , besides the design style, the material is placed on the top. Currently, there are many materials used to make hotel signboards such as copper, plastic, wood, alloy, … give you more choices. In particular, the number of hotel rooms by mica is the preferred type.

In this article, Star Solutions will continue to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of the hotel room number sign made of mica material – one of the materials that get the most choice from the owner.

Mica resin is a plastic resin that is used to replace glass commonly called acrylic. This material is only half the size of glass and gives about 98% of light through it.

Biển số phòng khách sạn bằng mica có ưu - nhược điểm gì?
What is the pros and cons of using hotel rooms sign made of mica?

Advantages of room number sign made by mica

From a material used to replace glass, mica is now becoming a prominent component in the advertising industry, the board design, by the preeminent features such as: multi-color, good shaping ability , high aesthetics and above all it is very good price.

Room number sign made of mica are easily designed, shaped

With extremely smooth and flat surfaces, high gloss, varied in size and color, mica is the best and most effective way to design beautiful and impressive hotel sign. Hotels can comfortably choose the styles of sign design that are appropriate to their size and architectural style without being constrained by the characteristics of the material, but still bring aesthetic and high Elegance needed for hotel space.

Room number sign made of mica or mica carvings are also one of the most popular hotel signage designs. With modern technology, mica can create impressive hotel signboards with CNC cutting machines or laser engraving technology.

With this material, the hotel room number sign made of mica can easily adjust the size, style due to high ductility as well as the ability to connect extremely strong. Besides, you do not have to spend too much time and effort for the construction.

Biển số phòng bằng mica dễ dàng thiết kế, tạo hình
Room number sign made of mica are easily designed, shaped

Hotel room rates mica cheap, economical

Investors can also choose to combine this mica with other materials: high quality plastic, copper or alloy to create a more diverse and unique product for the hotel. On the price of the product, the number sign by mica prices are much cheaper than the room number plates made of other materials.

In addition to the mica, you can also choose one of the four materials design   are the most used nowadays to design your hotel room number sign system beautiful and impressive.

Disadvantages of hotel room number sign made of mica

Although possessing such superior advantages, mica also can not avoid the shortcomings that investors have to pay attention to:

Room number made of mica is  easily affected by natural factors

Room number mica is easily affected by natural factors, especially in humid climate like Vietnam. Types of hotel room sign made of mica are easily affected by the impact of weather factors.

Elements such as heavy rain, humidity or high temperatures can cause the sign to fade and crack. Therefore, the average “life expectancy” of room number sign is only 5 to 7 years.

Biển số phòng mica dễ bị ảnh hưởng bởi yếu tố tự nhiên
Room number sign made of mica is easily affected by natural factors

The room number sign made of  mica is poorly tolerated

The room number sign made from mica easily deformed when the impact is great by external force. Therefore, this material should be stored in the better environment, space.

To overcome these weaknesse, when conducting the sign you have to choose the production unit of prestige and choose the best material mica to ensure quality as well as aesthetics. In that, finding the right partner is the most important factor in the product you will receive.

However, there are now too many unknown mica types as well as a number of unsecured service providers. Therefore, to choose the best provider requires you to invest time and effort to learn and research.

Star Solutions là địa chỉ cung cấp biển bảng khách sạn bằng mica uy tín
Star Solutions is a provider of hotel signage with prestigious mica

Star Solutions – the provider of mica hotel room number sign, the cheapest hotel in Hanoi , we are a reliable address that many hotels across the country believe will be the right choice for your hotel. . With years of experience in consulting, design and manufacturing of hotel launches , Star Solutions will provide your hotel with the finest quality products at the most affordable prices.

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