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What is Tiramisu? Romantic story behind the tiramisu cake

In the menu of bakery shops, cafes, hotel restaurants, can not be missing the famous cake. This is a delicious cakes, has conquered the taste of millions of food lover in the world. What is tiramisu? What is the origin and meaning of tiramisu cake? The basic variations of tiramisu cake?

What is Tiramisu?

What is Tiramisu? Tiramisu is the name of a pastry originating in Italy with aromatic toppings and a light aroma. The taste of tiramisu is light sweet, soft, with a unique wine aroma. When presented, tiramisu is placed in the stratified form. Diners can see each part of the cake, just feel the taste blended between the ingredients when eating.

Tiramisu là gì?
What is Tiramisu?

What is the origin of tiramisu cake?

No one can be sure who created the cake. However, it can be said that tiramisu originated in Italy.

Anna Maria Volpi, the author of the book “Culinary art over the decade in Italy”, claims that tiramisu was invented by the chef Francesca Valori at the Le Beccherie restaurant (Treviso, Italy). The name of tiramisu is achieved by the bakery’s own name.

However, the above assumption of Anna Maria has no convincing evidence. One can only assert the homeland of this kind of cake. Over hundreds of years of development, tiramisu has become an indispensable cake in any hotel restaurant menu .

Romantic story behind the tiramisu cake

Tiramisu is a word that originated in Italian. When translated into English, tiramisu means “pick me up”. People understand the meaning of this word is “take me away”. Attached with tiramisu cake is the romantic love story.

It is said that, in the years of World War I, in Italy, when the husband was about to enter the battlefield, the wife used up her emotions and remembered her memory, using all the ingredients in the kitchen. Creates a special cake for her husband. When enjoying this cake, the sweet, bitter, fragrant, soft will make the husband always remember about his family, about his wife in the country; The bitter taste of the coffee and the aroma of wine will help the husband stay alert, steady in every battle.

Therefore, tiramisu is also considered a cake for love. Not only love but also family love.

Câu chuyện lãng mạn đằng sau bánh tiramisu là gì?
What is the romantic story behind the tiramisu cake?

What is the main ingredient for making tiramisu cake?

Traditional tiramisu ingredients include: Savoiardi biscuits, Mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, rum and cocoa powder. However, over the centuries of development; under the creativity of thousands of chefs all over the world; Today’s tiramisu has innumerable variants. These include: green tea tiramisu, strawberry tiramisu, blueberry tiramisu, tiramisu beer, yogurt tiramisu, chocolate tiramisu, etc. Each variant of tiramisu has additional ingredients for making tiramisu. These new ingredients contribute to the unique taste of tiramisu.

Today, in order to make the soft tiramisu, chefs add fresh milk, eggs, … and mascarpone cheese. Rum also can be replaced with Marsala; Savoiardi biscuits can also be replaced with pastries, breads to create new flavors for tiramisu.

Nguyên liệu làm bánh tiramisu là gì?
What is the tiramisu cake?

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Presentation of tiramisu

The cake is often found in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, tiramisu cake is presented very nicely. Apart from cutting into beautiful shapes and dishes, today, people often place tiramisu in clear plastic cups or glass jars.

However, in any way presented, tiramisu must ensure:

  • Layers are clearly divided; can see the cake layers
  • The edges of the cake are neatly trimmed, the cut is smooth, definitive, not broken, and the cake layers.
  • Cocoa powder, coffee powder sprinkled on the top of the cake
  • In addition, the chef can attach a few slices of fruit, mint leaves or a layer of chocolate to make-up on tiramisu mousse cake.
Tiramisu thường được đặt trong các ly thủy tinh, cốc nhựa
Tiramisu is usually placed in glass, plastic cups

The time that the tiramisu cake can storge

After processing, tiramisu is usually put in the hotel refrigerator within 2-3 hours before enjoying. Depending on the ingredients in the cake, tiramisu can be stored in a cooler for 1-2 days. However, if you want to preserve longer, tiramisu must be packed and kept in the freezer. When using, take down the refrigerator for soft. When placed in the freezer, tiramisu can be kept for about a week.

At restaurants, hotels or bakeries, when selling tiramisu, people usually have a clear production date, shelf life. Do not hold the cake for too long. Because of the ingredients, the eggs in the cake are easy to deform and fill up the abdomen.

Tiramisu is used as a dessert, for snacks, even for breakfast. They are available in a variety of parties: cocktail parties, tea break , dessert menus, etc. The popularity of tiramisu is not only in the shops but also in many family kitchens around the world.

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