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What is Turndown service? Turndown service process for hotel

Turndown service is one of the indispensable room services in big hotels. So what is turndown service? The turndown service process in hotel that housekeeping staff needs to know. Notes when conducting turndown service in the hotel.

What is Turndown service?

In the field of restaurants, hotels, turndown service is the term used to refer to the night cleaning service. The housekeeping service conducted at 6-7 pm. The housekeeping staff will proceed to clean the room, arrange beds and blankets in a neat way. This makes customers have a beautiful, compact space in the evening, creating a comfortable feeling before sleeping.

Not all hotels have turndown service. Instead, only 4-5 star luxury hotels; Hotels with the most professional room service will offer this service.

Turndown service là gì?
What is Turndown service?

Who in charge of doing turndown service

As a room cleaning job, of course, turndown service will be the duty of the hotel housekeeping department . However, there are no fix people who make turndown service. Housekeeping staff are assigned to work on the night of that evening to conduct turndown service.

After cleaning the room, the housekeeping staff will leave guests with wishes, sincere messages, quality service and a more perfect hotel service, making guests more satisfied.

Turndown Service process in the hotel

Turndown service in the hotel is also divided into several steps. These steps are also specified in the individual SOPs of each hotel. However, in general, the service of turndown service will include the following steps:

Stage of turndown service preparation

The housekeeping staff receives the list of rooms that need to be assigned to the turndown service.

Receiving the opening card, the keys of the rooms are assigned from the monitoring or order taker . For the key direction, the room list must be properly cleaned.

Prepare the necessary tools for the job: trolley, tools, clean utensils to replace if needed, …

Turndown service thường chỉ có tại những khách sạn 4-5 sao
Turndown service is usually only available in 4-5 star hotels

Stage of cleaning the room in the evening

Pushing the cart to move to the hotel room the room requires a turndown service in the list in order.

If there is a Do not Disturb in the front door of the room, record it and proceed to other cleaning rooms.

Standing in front of the door requires turndown service, with 3 doors, up to 3 turns, each turn 30s apart. When knocking on the door, says: “Housekeeping, Turndown Service”. Then there will be 2 cases:

  • If the guest opens, ask to do turndown service. Guests may agree or request to come back later.
  • If the guest does not respond, housekeeping opens the door gently, watching the guests in the room. If yes, ask permission as in case 1; If not, proceed to clean the room in order.

Stage of Turndown Service

  • Collect garbage, bring garbage after cleaning room poured in the right place
  • Putting dirty, items that need to be replaced to the corresponding parts
  • Deliver, arrange objects and tools in the shift to the right place
  • Report to your room secretary or supervisor about your assigned work of the day. Complete the necessary documents and procedures.

Turndown service jobs need to know

Evening room cleaning service for every hotel cleaning staff includes the following:

State 1

  • Open and check the operation of all electrical equipment in the room. Check the operation of devices in all operating modes. Make sure each device is still in good use. If a failure is detected, immediately report it to the technical department.
  • Pull curtains.
  • Pour ashtrays, collect and replace garbage bags in bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Clean garbage in the room. Put them neatly. If you see a book, a newspaper is flipping, mark the page before saving it.
  • Clean the food trays, contact the relevant department if needed.
  • Wash the hotel cups, cups and spoons. Dry and place in the right place.
  • Replace new towels, for guests (if used).
  • Check and replace the amenities in the room: toothpaste, brush, shampoo shower gel , toilet paper, …
  • Clean the bathroom, floor (if necessary)
Các công việc turndown service là gì?
What are turndown service jobs?

Phase 2

  • Clean the bed, rearrange the bed if necessary.
  • Place the hotel services menu on the nearest phone table pillow. This helps stimulate the use of hotel services. Place questionnaires, surveys of visitors under the service menu (if the next day check out)
  • Quickly check the shelves, cabinets, carpets, decorations in the room. If dirt is detected, quickly clean
  • Check the fridge, the items on the minibar. If guest has used, record in report to make invoice. Then add the missing items.
  • Check and supplement stationery, free items for guests: sugar packages, paper towels, tea, coffee, …  
  • Place hotel gifts: flowers, cards, chocolate, stuffed animals, etc. at specified locations (maybe in bed or on the table).
  • Hang the Door Knob Breakfast Menu onto the door handle.
  • Turn on the light, pull the curtains.
  • Turn on air conditioner/ heater, set at the specified temperature.
  • Check the entire room for the last time. Turn on the hotel essential oil or spray the room with aroma if necessary.
  • Turn off all other unnecessary electrical equipment. Lock the door and leave the room.

Above is the concept of what turndown service is and the processes, turndown service for the housekeeping staff. Hopefully, with the above sharing, housekeeping staff and management in the hotel will have useful references in their work.

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