Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

What kind of signboard a hotel should have?

The hotel’s sign board consists of 6 main types of signs: instruction sign, hotel name sign, backdrops, floor number sign, room number sign and service sign.

To complete and bring beautiful scenery to the hotel, in addition to architectural style, interior decoration, the hotel signboard system is also an important piece of the puzzle can not be missing.

In the hotel, the table system is designed to be quite diverse, to suit the task that they are in charge, such as: number of rooms , services signboard, floor number sign, … Let learn the total About the type of sign in the hotel , function as well as design style, materials of each type of sign.

Hotel instruction signs

Outdoor instruction sign  

The role of this kind of sign is to guide the customer into the hotel. The outside directions  sign of the hotel are designed to be quite large, usually fixed in prominent locations where visitors can easily see them.

When designing signboards outside the hotel , investors should pay close attention to the durability of materials used, as this is a type often expose to the impact of the environment, weather … Furthermore, the hotel also can not invest to frequently changing the sign .

The ideal material for this type of hotel sign is highly corrosion-resistant metal or well-treated natural wood ensuring the best possible ‘life’ for up to ten years and Not too affected by objective factors.

In addition, many hotels choose this signboard design with electronic lever lights, flashing lines that are extremely eye-catching. However, this type of sign is not very high durability but the cost is quite expensive.

Biển chỉ dẫn bên ngoài khách sạn
Outdoor sign outside the hotel

A guide sign inside the hotel

On the campus of the hotel need a lot of signs to guide visitors about the map of the hotel , the location of each area, such as: parking tunnel, location services, signposted stairs hotel signboard, no-smoking sign, …

Nowadays, many hotels choose to design visual signa so customers can easily navigate without having to rely on language. Today’s international visitors are diverse and not all of them know how to use international English.

The signs in the hotel depending on the location, the function they take to design in fixed or easy to change position. The best signboard material and usually used by the hotel is a corrosion-resistant metal or hard plastic material with high color fastness, good oxidation resistance.

Biển chỉ dẫn bên trong khách sạn
A guide sign inside the hotel

Hotel signboard: Name sign

Hotel name signboard represents the brand name of the hotel, one of the core elements of the hotel’s brand recognition system. Therefore, when designing the name of this hotel, investors need to spend a lot of effort to “care” from design to material selection and construction.

The name of the hotel should be made in bold with a fairly large size, with lights on the inside to impress, attracting the attention of customers. In addition, there are more hotels that choose a more sophisticated style with braided design, either monolithic or metal-clad brick or framed at the hotel door, and a flashlight to create a buzz, attracting the attention of customers.

Biển bảng khách sạn: Biển tên
Hotel signboard: Name sign

Backdrop hotel

Backdrop hotel are usually placed at the front desk, where customers will first see when they enter the hotel lobby. Backdrop can be made of various materials depending on the choice of the owner or the design of the hotel, can be high quality wood or materials such as alloy, plastic, stainless steel , …

Backdrop khách sạn 
Hotel Backdrop

Hotel signboard: number of floors in the hotel

The number of floors in the hotel indicates to the visitor how much floor space and how to rank the floor, so that they can position themselves and where they want to go most easily. In addition, this floor numbering system is a fine detail that creates artistic accents for hotel space, helping the hotel look classier and more luxurious.

The hotel floor number sign can be made from a variety of materials depending on the design of the hotel as well as the owner’s wishes, whether it is high-grade hard plastic, alloy, copper or even is wood.

Biển bảng khách sạn: biển số tầng trong khách sạn
Hotel signboard: number of floors in the hotel

Hotel rooms Number sign

Choosing the design of the room number sign for the hotel investors should be based on many factors such as star standard of the hotel, architectural style, design style, main color, … From there, choose the most compatible products. In the hotel signboard system, room number plates are the most important and the largest number.

Most of the design of the hotel room number of hotels is mica plastic, plastic or alloy, metal (copper, iron, …). In addition, some luxury hotels 4-5 star standards selected wood to make room number sign. The cost of these this material is quite high.

To choose the best materials, you can refer to 4 materials to design the room number sign.

Biển số phòng khách sạn
Number sign of hotel rooms

The hotel service sign

Service sign (restaurant, bar, spa, cafe, …) is a kind of sign in the hotel signboard system. This type of sign can be designed in various styles ranging from youthful, friendly to delicate, luxurious, … depending on the architectural style of the hotel. When designing the sign for the hotel the investors should choose the uniform from the material, design style with the number of rooms as well as the style of the hotel.

A professional hotel, in addition to the main sign above, must also have a uniform name card system for the staff, the title billboard or the name of the operating room system, administration in the hotel , …

Biển dịch vụ trong khách sạn
Service sign in the hotel

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