Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

What’s inside the most expensive hotel in Hangzhou ” paradise”?

Ranked No. 24 in global and second in Asia by Travel + Leisure magazine, Four Seasons at West Lake is the most expensive hotel in terms of price, service price

Four Seasons Hotel in West Lake

As the jewel of Hangzhou, West Lake is a famous tourist destination which attracts tens of millions of tourists each year. Four Seasons Hotel, Hangzhou is the ideal point for visitors to admire and experience life in the city is called “Paradise “.

Operation in 2010, the hotel has welcomed many high-profile figures and heads of state attended the 2016 G20.

The hotel owns a total of 81 rooms with 3 main types of rooms, including: Common room, Suite room and 3 villas. The room is divided into 4 levels with 4 different rates. The Suite room is divided into 3 levels with 2 to 3 times the normal rate.

The Presidential Villa is the most luxurious room of this hotel with the price of 70,000 – 80,000 yuan / night (251 – 286 million dong). Other rooms are also quite expensive. Four Seasons in West Lake is the most expensive hotel in Hangzhou for room rates and service rates.

With the most expensive room rates in Hangzhou, this place is expected to not often have many guests. But quite the opposite, the number of visitor is very high, mainly the rich Chinese.

Pictures of the most expensive villas in Hangzhou

The Villas in the hotel are designed with separate entrance to the hotel, 24/24 security and   can be accessed by card.

Guests staying at the villas will be picked up by a long black Buggy car that is rarely seen.

The archways, the tranquil gardens and classic Chinese style architecture are also attract any visitors when they arrive here.

A spacious living room can be used as a small reception room if the visitor is a politician or a large businessman.

The villa owner said that many large companies in the country and abroad chose the villa as a meeting place for the board of director. So, the hotel has a living room and conference room like this.

From the reception room, there is a direct access to the flower garden behind the villa. Definitely an ideal place for relaxation after stressful working hours.

The flower garden is designed in ancient Chinese style with the characteristics of Hangzhou, charming country.

The garden is extremely meticulous with a system of precious plants, long-standing. At present, the hotel is compiling a brochure of the plants on the premises of the hotel.

Each villa has 2 bedrooms on the first floor, each have own private garden.

In the garden is installed Jacuzzi massage bathtub – the world famous brand of America.

The kitchen and dining room inside the villa is designed quite simple but no less modern, luxurious. Kitchen area in the villa is a place of cooking… for rented chef come with visitors.

Guests can dine in the garden and be served 24 hours a day.

Romantic dinner for couples arranged in the villa garden.

The staircase leads straight to the second floor of the villa. The whole floor is the bedroom.

Luxurious bedroom with bed comes from American brand Simmons. A bed (bed and mattress) is priced at nearly 100,000 yuan (~ 358 million dong). Design only for this hotel.

The second floor has a private spa area. When customers need to use, the staff of the hydrotherapy center will come to the hotel to serve  visitors

Pictures of some other hotel services

Phòng xông hơi cao cấp
Superior sauna
Phòng tập Gym với trang thiết bị hiện đại hàng đầu thế giới
Gym room with modern equipment leading the world
Hệ thông bể bơi bốn mùa sang trọng
Four-season luxury pool system
Phòng chiếu phim siêu cấp hiện đại trong khách sạn đắt nhất Hàng Châu
Advanced movie theater in the most expensive hotel in Hangzhou

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