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Why 5 star hotels absolutely can not lack of instruction signboard?

What is a instruction signboard? The role of signboard in hotels, restaurants. What are the signboards in the hotel?

Like the signboard of room at hotel , instruction signboard system is also one of the important items that investors should consider when setup equipment systems for hotels. Especially the 5 star hotels / resorts, the role of signboard is more important and determines the quality of service of the hotel in the eyes of tourists.

Vì sao khách sạn, resort 5 sao tuyệt đối không thể thiếu biển chỉ dẫn?
Why 5 star hotels absolutely can not lack of signboard?

The role of the hotel signboard

The main function of the signboard in the hotel is to guide visitors to find the place quickly and easily. It seems normal, many people will think, this kind of sign have or not have does not matter.

Well, with a budget hotel, small scale, finding rooms or service areas in the hotel is very easy. But with high-end hotels with hundreds of rooms, thousands of rooms and a wide range of services, if there are no signboard, surely visitors and even hotel staff can get lost in the large hotel.

Hotel signboard are not simply the sign guides visitors to the right place, where they need to be, but they are also one of the artistic highlights for the landscape, space of the hotel. Help the hotel look more luxurious and class.

In addition, the signboard are an important factor to confirm and improve the quality of service of the hotel. It shows the professionalism, caring of the hotel for its visitors.

Vai trò của biển chỉ dẫn khách sạn
The role of the hotel signboard

Material and design of hotel instruction signboard  

With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, modern hotel signboard is created in a variety of styles ranging from modern to luxurious, from simple to sophisticated with various materials.

Each of the signboard design materials has its own advantages, giving your hotel the best product. But perhaps, the material that is leading the current trend is natural wood. This material is also the perfect choice for high-end resorts built in traditional or country style. To understand why the wood is “HOT”, please refer to the article: Outdoor wooden signboard – the perfect choice for resort hotels .

Chất liệu, kiểu dáng biển chỉ dẫn khách sạn
Material and design of hotel instruction signboard

Types of hotel signboard

In five-star hotels, signboard systems includes:

Room number signs

The main task of this type of signs is to determine the hotel room layout, so that visitors can locate to the right room that they have just checked-in easily. Because, in hotels or resort 5 star resort room size is often very large, can reach to hundreds, thousands of rooms. For ease of management they usually divide rooms according to criteria such as left – right, even – odd or room type. Therefore, the signboard indicating the number of rooms is a very necessary requirement.

Các loại biển chỉ dẫn trong khách sạn
Instruction signboard in the hotel

Service instruction signs

In hotels and high-end resorts, there are many services such as restaurants, bars, coffees, spas, gyms, sports … For customers to come to the right place of service must provide service signs.

Service instruction sign is the most dense signs in the hotel. They can be fixed on the wall in the hotel’s public space or are designed in the form of fixed outdoor, lifted.

In addition, there are mobile signposts that can move in a variety of situations.

Warning signs

The most noticeable signs in the hotel are the most appearing in the hotel’s parking area. Notify the customer of the attention to the basement, … In addition, there are signs to the area of ​​the hotel, resort to inform visitors attention to the location.

Biển cảnh bảo trong khách sạn
Warning signs in the hotel

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